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Enforce Immigration Laws

Letter to the Editor,

While 10% of Mexico's workforce-age population has come to the United States to find work "Americans won't take," and Mexico is introducing legislation to prevent non-citizens from getting jobs, a Harvard University study finds that our own dropouts could earn 8% more if the illegals didn't take the jobs.

Our Social Security System is about to go bankrupt, yet there is legislation to add non-Americans to the SS rolls, to a system already dying! That money will then be sent back to Mexico, not put into our economy. Billions of dollars are being sent out of the country.

There should be no free pass to citizenship. All the benefits of being an American should go to those who legally go through the process. There should be no more "anchor babies;" certainly Japan, Mexico and most other nations don't have this provision for free citizenship. Overstaying visas should be a crime. There are already over 3 million who have overstayed their visas in our country. What if all these future guest workers overstay? That is when they get deported. If they're found with bogus identification, they should be deported. We would go to jail if we used someone else's identification it is called theft!

There is a legal way to come to the USA. We cannot allow the government to reward illegal behavior. The government is destroying the faith we have that their job is to first and foremost protect us and our rights. The United States Bill of Rights is for American citizens not for those who break the law by sneaking in. Special benefits for these guest workers are being foisted upon those who voted in these gutless legislators and they've turned their backs on us!

The legislation before the house and senate is a finger in the dam, a band-aid that will fall off in the heat of the day. Mark Helprin of the Washington Post wrote: "When nations in decline are assaulted from without, even if gently or only rhetorically, they often lose not only the will to defend but the capacity to do so sensibly. They turn upon themselves in fits of self-destruction marked by truncated, simplistic and merely assertive disputation. Illegal immigration, an external pressure, brings forth arguments of this type."

Is that where we are? Are we all ready to lay down and allow this to continue? Without the rule of law our Republic would disappear. Our government has an obligation to enforce the laws! If not now, when? Enforce existing laws!!!

May 30, 2006

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