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Sick People

To the Editor,

I responded to your article regarding Deer Torture at Sammy's Beach. I suggested that these people would get bored with animal torture and start torturing humans. Ergo the incident reported re: the Latinos and "white trash" with chain saws.

The police should have regarded the deer incident a bit more seriously. These are very sick people, but out here the killing of animals for fun seems to be the norm. That's why I'm moving back to Nassau County a more civilized environment! I don't want my kids growing up with "white trash."

East Hampton Schools are in need of some morality and ethics training. If the kids are this bad, I wonder what the parents are like. Possibly the school could enlist a charismatic speaker (all kids must attend) to wake them up and give them the values that they're obviously not getting at home. Ask where their ancestors are from and find out how they would react if their families were put upon by those who came before. I truly believe that ignorance is the reason for their actions.

I've been told by a local landscaper that the reason why he hires only Latinos is that they work hard and show up. The locals didn't even show up.

We've had the experiences with local contractors that have affirmed the opinion of the local landscaper they charge exorbitant rates and sometimes don't show up. But they complain about Hispanic people. I say to them get a grip lower your staggering prices and you'll get work you are similar to spoiled children.

And as to the families of children who do harm to those who are different from them: you feel threatened by them because you know that they are better than you. So try and bring yourselves up to their level.

They work hard and are peaceful. Maybe your parents have split and you feel lost. Maybe you listen to hateful conversations. Their attitudes haven't gotten them very far so when you graduate, get out of town. Do you want to live with those who trap and torture animals and put down others just because they're from a different place? Get an education. Get out. Come to Nassau County. People there are not "Hollywood" people. You might also get a place in Queens there are lots of different nationalities. People mind their business and live a decent life no one has the time or inclination to attack others because they're working or educating themselves. Maybe you can become educated, and then come back with a different view. Maybe you can teach these people that there's a whole other world out there a world where there's fair competition, tolerance, and hard work.

Maybe you can make a difference because from what I read in The Independent (excluding Rick Murphy's columns) "white trash" has come to a whole new level out here.

Get out kids, while you can get into the "real world" and be prepared to come back with the knowledge that you can make things better! This is a beautiful world out here but it's nothing more than a Disney World; unless you get a grip on the fact that humanity means tolerance and sacrifice you will be trapped in a "white trash" mentality forever.

May 23, 2006

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