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Open letter to all my representatives, Democrat and Republican and other:

I am a life-long liberal Democrat. I am energized by the fact that we are finally making strides with the potential to gain control of the House and Senate in sight. However, I am afraid the illegal immigration issue may derail us. I know people who want to vote Republican over this issue alone REGARDLESS OF ANY OTHER ISSUE (ask Tim Bishop). I do not understand how Democrats can believe their basis for letting this go on.

I am an ultra-liberal kind, giving and caring person without a bigoted bone in my body. However, if the choice is between a poor or middle-class American having a job or having it undercut by someone here illegally, I am for the citizen. All the previously low-paying work done by our poor to lower-middle class, teenagers, elderly part-timers, is being done for less by illegal immigrants. There is an American soldier who served in Iraq recently profiled in Newsday with a Mexican wife that he has been trying for THREE years to bring home LEGALLY. People who jumped the line should be rewarded? I don't think so. At the very least, allow our courts and prisons to screen for citizenship and minimally deport anyone who committed a crime without documentation. I know people out of work who used to do those "jobs no American will do." I see entire companies of a specialized nature like plumbers and construction crews who have TRAINED illegal workers in order to be able to pay less, while citizens go without.

The President made a really stupid remark (surprise, surprise) when someone complained of aliens using emergency rooms. He said they should go to clinics. Have you ever tried to get an appointment at a clinic (which is also taxpayer money by the way)? It is near impossible for a citizen to get an appointment in a reasonable time at a County clinic all we need is non-taxpaying illegals adding to the overcrowding. Why, on the North Fork of Long Island, is there an agency arranging health care just for illegals they get help before my poor neighbors do.

Property taxes are not covering the student costs as entire families live in one room of a house taxed as a "single-family dwelling." I am personally aware (never mind the statistics) that many Latinos send the bulk of their earnings "home" to set up a luxurious retirement in their own country so don't repeat the blather that they are productive members of our society. And this is why there is overcrowding, driving without licenses, driving drunk, driving without insurance and registration (spend a day at Southold Justice Court) they have no stake in our country or our laws. IT IS HARMFUL. Besides deporting those who commit crimes, no matter how petty, landlords allowing these violations of safety code should be fined, enough to take away the profit, and employers should continue to be prosecuted not just a select few for the media. One comedian ventured that if one CEO went to jail for his/her undocumented nanny or janitor eyes would open. Many other issues: if [they're] here without going through the process, what do we know of their health? Criminal backgrounds? Reason for being here?

May 09, 2006


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