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Misinformation About Minutemen

Dear Editor:

Re: The Minuteman

Due to ignorance, some people are trying their best to mislead and misinform the public. They would like you to believe that we are a violent, racist, gun-toting group of maniacal rednecks roaming the countryside, spreading radical rhetoric to anyone that will listen. Nothing written or said could be further from the truth. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is a law-abiding conglomerate of citizens from all walks of life; these include citizens as well as legalized immigrants. The truth is our organization consists of retired law enforcement officials, doctors, construction workers, lawyers, retired and active members of the military, restaurant workers, and the list continues. Our organization accepts volunteers only after receiving a complete and comprehensive background check from an independent company. After receiving the background check, our members must sign and verbally agree with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedures) which includes: no violence, no physical contact and at all times, obey Federal, State, and Local laws. As of this date, no member, anywhere, has violated any of the items listed prior.

Do we patrol the southern and northern borders? Yes, with full cooperation from the border patrol and local law enforcement. We also demand that the federal government control our borders and ports to help stop the flood of illegal aliens into our Republic. Do we carry weapons? That is a personal choice. If an individual does choose to carry a weapon, they have the proper licenses and in wilderness areas a weapon could very well be considered a part of a survival package.

As far as commenting on a March 30, 2006, Southampton Press editorial, yes we are pro-American. Are we against illegal aliens? Yes. Are we for legalized immigration? Again the answer is yes. Do we share the same ideas and followings of neo-Nazis, racists and white supremacists? This time the answer is a resounding NO! If media sources had done their homework and researched our organization or read the literature we sent them, we wouldn't be writing this piece. With full research, they would have realized that our organization's members include Latinos, African Americans, Irish, Eastern Europeans, and many other legal immigrants who have come to America with the proper documents.

Stand down, never; we will continue on with our program no matter what new laws are put into effect regarding illegal aliens. Our federal government can make all the new laws they want, however, who will and when will they be enforced? The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps will, as always, operate under the law, for the enforcement of the law.


April 25, 2006


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