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Alien Influx

Dear Rick:

I am in a quandary. What to do relevant to the Illegal Aliens presently within our borders, the ongoing daily Illegal Alien influx, and the general lack of security at our borders?!

Being the first generation of immigrant parents, [my] mother from Hungary, father from Greece, I cannot help but somewhat relate to those coming to our country to build a better life. That is why my parents came here and it is a universal goal, to build a better life. Of course they were sponsored and therefore here legally. But they struggled, learned the language enough to become citizens and until their death considered themselves first and foremost Americans, whose patriotism would challenge descendants of the Mayflower. Growing up as the only child and often the official translator between three languages, I was instilled by these transplanted Europeans with a love for our country that especially those that have struggled to assimilate can instill.

I am a Liberal, never hemorrhaging but occasionally bleeding and cannot help but have a certain empathy for those desperate enough to leave their native land to seek out a means of subsistence for themselves and their families. Nevertheless, the primary concern of any country is to first and foremost care for its citizens. Of course the mass of Illegal Aliens is a bonanza for corporate America since paying pittance wages result(s) in ever-increasing profits. They are the beneficiaries of our broken immigration laws. If those jobs paid a living wage, the nonsense about Americans not wanting to fill those jobs would be immediately dispelled.

Conundrum; on one hand we say that we want to stem the tide of Illegal Aliens flooding our borders and on the other hand we practice the carrot and stick approach to the migration.

Cubans that face possible death crossing the 90 miles of sea separating our countries in their overcrowded and under-constructed makeshift vessels, if intercepted will be turned back or brought back to Cuba, but if they touch our soil or anything connected to it, they are safe and legal. Aliens are discouraged from illegally crossing the border into our country but if a mother to be manages to get both feet on the U.S. side and deliver her baby, that child immediately becomes a U.S. citizen; a policy unique to our country among all countries. A legal child born of an illegal mother. Ironically but accurately, the child is referred to as an anchor baby. We actually offer incentives to break the laws of our land and then wonder why we have the problem. Well, we created it. Reagan's 1968 amnesty merely furthered incentive to get into our country by whatever means necessary and then demand amnesty. They can always point to that earlier ill-conceived precedent.

Lou Dobbs of CNN seems to have the most realistic approach to this dilemma. Unless we first secure the borders nothing realistic can be done to deal with the Illegal Aliens already in our country let alone address the Immigration problem and the reform of the laws . . . and their enforcement.

April 18, 2006

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