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Defending GayView

Dear Rick,

The following letter was originally written as a knee jerk emotional response to the moronic verbal dysentery inflicted on our community by McGreevy and Clawson in their letters to The Independent. I decided to shelve the letter allowing more room for Michael O'Neill and members of The East Hampton Town Anti Bias Task Force to lambaste these two malicious bigots. Hey guys, what the heck happened? This is exactly the kind of abuse you are mandated to confront and abolish. I am astonished and disturbed that you have chosen to disregard this section of the community. I pray you will address this error in judgment as well as the original transgression. Rick, as the task force chose not to step up on this issue please print my original letter as follows:

I have never been able to finish reading one of Jack Michel's columns headed "My GayView." It's just not my cup of tea. Gay or otherwise, his views are shared by a large percentage of the community. He has a right to express them, so, subscribe or not. Jack McGreevy and Katherine Clawson exhibited the purest, most ignorant, hatred I have seen in the letters column in ages. Their responses to Michel's 3/8/06 column condemning Bush's actions and policies reminded me of adolescents using the fag word to intimidate and invalidate an opponent. This tact was wildly popular among the intellectually feeble. Jack McGreevy, spiritually fulfilled by his public "fag bashing," then attempts to demonstrate the beauty of his soul by wishing death upon Michel. Had Mr. McGreevy administered a good old fashioned punch in the nose while insulting that "limp wristed" Jack Michel, he might have found himself arrested and charged with a felony hate crime. We do that here in Suffolk County!

Society has changed so drastically in this last decade that these two letters really grabbed my attention. The authors of these hate letters must both be on their last legs as the language they utilize is pitifully politically incorrect and not very politically astute. They are definitely from a long lost era. These insults are so foreign to modern conversation that actually seeing them in print seems criminal in and of itself. Do these two hate Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, fat people, short people, summer people, or the poor? Are they just hateful? I'll bet the East Hampton Town Anti-Bias Task Force would have stood up for them. Why the silence when gays are abused?

"There's one in every family," the old saying warned. My experience proves there is always more than one! Unfortunately that one is often a child. With this in mind, I wonder who in their own families have been hurt or shamed by this ugly, public expression of hate. I pray it was not a son or a daughter. An uncle, grandparent, or cousin might not hurt so deeply. Humiliating and wounding a child is inexcusable. There are a lot of kids out there suffering because of this kind of un-Christian behavior. This abuse and cruelty needs to be faced and eradicated. Suffolk County's Hate Crime Unit is more than happy to offer its class in bias education to those exhibiting a need! But, where is The East Hampton Town Anti Bias Task Force?

Editor's Note: Last week The Independent erroneously re-printed a letter Mr. Dickerson had written some time ago. This is the letter he intended for publication.

April 12, 2006

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