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Democracy In Action

Dear Editor:

Democracy for everyone! This is the mission of our president, to bring democracy to the corners of the world, whether they want it or not. The mission no doubt is blessed since our president was personally directed during his frequent conversations with his God, to carry that banner of "freedom" wherever he chooses. He chose, in the process of nation building, to shove it down the throats of Afghanistan and Iraq and he did. In fact, we were just treated to a session of energetic backslapping by the administration bragging about having brought freedom and democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan evidenced by the fact that they were free to "vote," and they did. Iraq voted for a theocracy, as did Afghanistan. Theocracy sounds a little like Democracy but one is the manner in which we live and attempt to love, in our country and the other is the way they live and exemplify hate, in theirs. It is their tradition and it is what they know and want, as is ours.

An example of how well they have received our noble gift was demonstrated in a recent event in Afghanistan. Abdul Rahman, a long time Christian convert, who lived in Germany for years, was arrested last month in Kabul. He is threatened to be prosecuted and even to be put to death for converting to Christianity. His only defense is a plea of insanity. One wonders if those prosecutors had also in turn conversed with their god who directed them to execute this infidel.

The sooner these delusional leaders on all sides stop talking to gods, the sooner some semblance of sanity may be restored and allow each country to choose the type of government in which they care to live and each stop thinking that their way is the only way. That applies across the board.

Editor's Note: The Democracy in Palestine is going well though, eh?

March 28, 2006

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