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Bush Bashers

Dear Rick:

So here's Bush, again with his doubtful, "I know something that you don't know" smirk telling the American public that there is nothing to worry about having an Arab nation managing ports in the US, since the Coast Guard will really be the ones in charge. It might have been a good idea to verify this schmooze with the Coast Guard prior to announcing his secret knowledge, which he himself, the President, received only after the decision was made. Talk about secrecy.

It has now come to the light of day, exposed during the 2/27 Senate Briefing, that an official of the Department of Homeland Security and the Coast Guard Admiral stated unequivocally that they warned those pushing forward the 6.85 billion dollar sale to DPW (Dubai Ports World), that there would be, "potential unknown threats." They were ignored. The Coast Guard was worried that employees hired within even a supposedly friendly Arab nation from its population, which has all too often demonstrated its hatred of the United States, might be a risk for us at our ports, and use them for terrorist operations.

Dubai is an Arab nation. Duh!

Prejudice is an ugly thing since it is most often based on preconceived notions which in turn might be based on hearsay or adopted from someone else's ill-conceived prejudice. One however need only look to 9/11 and the numerous attacks on anything American to realize that there is a specific group of people that do not like us and would like to inflict damage upon us at any time and in any form. Why? is another subject but that it is, is, and anyone would be a fool not to realize it and try to avoid allowing that group to be in a position of disadvantage to us. Hopefully some day this mutual disdain will fade, but as of now, it is real.

This administration seems determined to shove their agendas down the throats of the American public regardless of what deterrent information and warnings are presented to them prior to their ill-fated objectives; and the public, like a nest of starving chicks, sits there with their little beaks wide open.

The Iraq debacle was a classic and tragic example. How many more do we need?!

March 14, 2006

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