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The Wild Wild West ... or East
October 16, 2013 | 11:12 PM

I am a conservative Democrat and I usually vote that way. Liberal on most important social issues, while conservative on others. But when it comes to crime fighting in NYC (or anywhere), I'm an ultra-conservative.

So, I love Ray Kelly and "Stop-and- Frisk", and wish Ray had thrown his hat in the ring for Mayor of our beloved city.

But he didn't and Lhota ain't it. The GOP shoud have put up a better candidate. Somebody like (NY) Rep. Peter King.

As to 1989, we had Mayor David Dinkins and the city-wide crack epidemic. The new "crack" under Bill de Blasio will be cell or mobile phone robberies, with the bad guys packing more guns than ever.

My point and advice to all New Yorkers (including my rather extravagant daughters, who live "large" in Manhattan) is ... "No matter who wins the election, keep your phones, jewelry, and other bling under their radar. Show it all off to your 57th Street friends at Nobu or Mr. Chow's if you must, but not on the subways or streets of NYC ... because the worst is yet to come." Bill Crandall

Bill Crandall
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