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Brooklyn Christmas
December 21, 2011 | 08:21 PM

I loved reading this--- what wonderful memories. Being Irish the Eve was the night my Dad working the late shift ( 4pm to 12 am) to get Christmas day off. We celebrated nothing until Dad came home. Christmas Eve was a day off from school, wrapping final presents for Mom and sneaking candy canes off the tree. There was always a movie or two on channel 21 or 13, but the holiday for my family was nothing until Dad came home home by 2 am and we wild kids were up and going by 4 am. Mom and Dad put the gifts out, slept for a half hour and then started their coffees while we wild kids plowed through our gifts.
I am so appreciative of my patient and self-sacrificing parents who put their needs
on hold ( basic sleep) so we kids could rip open packages and scream like lunatics. Alot of over-time went into those gifts and I still have the diamond earrings they gave me on my six-teenth Christmas. I am alot older than sixteen now but I keep them in my jewelry box with my class ring, and my engagement ring that is a litle too tight.
I hope kids today read this and see what joy and blessing there is in simple things.

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