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doing their homework
December 14, 2011 | 11:46 AM

Rick: Our public educational system was set-up long ago by people such as John Adams with moral and legal legitamacy, to ensure that the US population could read and write, i.e. have the critical thinking skills necessary for a democratic republic. Today,right now, study after study, layer after layer of empirical data proves that we are not even coming close to the objective despite spending 100 of billions of tax revenue annually, year in, year out. (Local public schools spend anywhere from $25k -$39k per student annually) There is a direct corralation between the juvenile prison system's population ,the adult prison system's population, the homeless population, joblessness,economic violence, the lack of voter participation and the poor or non-existent vetting of a presidential candidate, to the inability to read,write and listen on a twelth grade level.. Your editorial a few weeks ago regarding the poor performance of school supervisors is telling but only part of the ruinous scene Ask Greg Blass ,Suffolk's Commissioner of Humane Health and Services for a profile of his/our ''clients". Better yet, bring his profile to the next school board meeting or to Tim Bishop's office.

P.H.Babcock Sag Harbor
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