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Just an observation
December 07, 2011 | 01:37 PM

As a Town of East Hampton worker, I can honestly say that the people of this great Town made a smart descision on getting rid of Scott King as the Highway Superintendant.
I can't help but notice that Mr. King has not been back to work since he was trounced in the recent election. This is a far cry from when he won last time out and decided to park his truck with a campaign sign on his opponents lawn!
Perhaps the Town should look into the fact that in his last weeks of transition or turning over his title, he could at least be a bit more professional in his duties and show up to the Highway Department and help things go over to Steve Lynch in a fair fashion. I guess this is a true testament to what Mr. King was really all about...rude, disrespectful, and without a clue. He will NOT be missed!

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