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Old Lady in a wheelchair
December 03, 2011 | 05:15 AM

Hi Jerry, (Doug, Spade and Archer)
Remember when the Progresive's shown their humour?
Remeber this commercial, the old lady in the wheel chair pushed off the cliff, Yuk, Yuk.
Well, maybe it's the Old ladies turn.
1. CU of the edge of the cliff
2. Very close, you see a old women's fingers griped on the edge trying to get up.
3. She was almost up on the edge of the cliff. She was the old lady in the wheelchair that was pushed over the cliff. Her hair is mussy, there's leaves on her shoulder,her face was dirty from the ground. She didn't fall all the way to the ground. What happened she grabbed onto a bush it saved her life. (They're could be another box there.)
4. She dust off the dirt and took off her shawl.
5. Under the shawl was a Karate outfit with a black belt.
6. She warmed up her chops and kicks ready to go.
7. She runs back from where she came looking for the guy who throw her over the cliff.
8. She sees the guy walking back.
9. She runs down to him gives him a karate chop to his neck and a kick too you now what.
10. He's on his knees holding, you know what, coughing.
11. After she puts some mud in his face she says " DON'T MESS WITH SENIORS and give us back the 5 hundred billions you democrats took away from us from our Medicare. She pushes his face in the mud and she says "Get me a new wheelchair butt head!"

That's it, I hope you like it.
Would you be interested in doing it?
Thanking you for your time,
Douglas Liss

Doug from Spade and Archer
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