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April 27, 2011 | 05:28 PM

'ozzkar' needs to get a clue. I presume when referencing the jobs created, Mr. Della Famina is referring to his successful years in the advertizing business. few things, btw, are more fulfilling than creating jobs and supporting families in the course of making a living. it's endlessly rewarding and a major reason to apply yourself far beyond monetary rewards. yes, that's called altruism but with 'benefits'. it doesn't sound like 'ozzkar' has created many jobs in the course of making his/her living.

also, there's likely no nose cutting here on Mr. DF's part. I presume he's been smart enough to save the money made over the years and watch his investment capital now work for him with a 'more fair' capital gains tax rate attached to it.

I'm simply sorry these new investments won't feed us!!

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