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I don't even know you or your restaurant, but this makes me sad.
April 21, 2011 | 06:58 PM

I just sent this link out to a local Objectivist Club here in Wisconsin. I am not in your position but maybe a related one. I am a freelance photographer working pretty much exclusively with one studio. This studio is small, in fact we have two wedding crews, one led by myself and the other by the owner of the business. I have invested many hours in this company -- many of which were unpaid -- because I believed in what we were doing.

I fear that if Mr. Obama gets his way, the owner of this business will be taxed more heavily, putting strain on the business we have both worked so hard to build up. With in the next six months we plan on opening a portrait studio, while I am excited I am nervous at what Obama's government has in store for us, more importantly to the woman who writes 90% of the payments I receive. In a very real way I will be made to suffer, as I am sure many of your employees may suffer, because of this supposed tax on the rich.

In conclusion, I applaud you Jerry. If you have the means to keep more of what you have made -- because let us not forget money is made, not received -- out of the hands of government, do it and don't look back. Good luck to you in the future.

Ryan P. Murphy
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