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From one entrepreneur to another
April 21, 2011 | 04:28 PM

Jerry, I don't know you but I do understand you - I've been in business now for 10 years. I started with just $250, a stack of books and lots of 'sweat equity'. My income has been high enough to pay $40,000 a year in taxes which is about 33% of my take-home pay. I have earned over 1.25 million in 10 years with no employees - just me. For years now we entrepreneurs have been called "evil" and "selfish" by our own government, the so-called media and the ignorant. The selfish ones are those who do not pay taxes or believe the 'rich' percentage should be higher. If 10% is good enough for God then 10% should be enough for ALL of us to pay - regardless of income. They hate us because they have envy, pride and greed.

Did you know street gangs in large cities throughout the world impose what they call 'fines', 'rent' or 'taxes' on businesses? They map out their 'territory' and then go up and down the streets looking for business and demand that they pay x dollars a month to them in 'rent'. If you do not pay then they 'enforce' their demands by kidnapping you, harming you, a family member or worse. They don't bother the poorer businesses only the 'rich' ones. Then they 'redistribute' some of the 'rent' they collect to the poor, which is the majority, in the community to 'buy' their support. This is going on right now in all major US cities. This is how the drug cartels in Colombia got so powerful back in the 70's and 80's.

Our government is now doing the same thing - just using pens, paper and judges!

NOW I am starting a second business, which will by far replace what I do now. As part of my business plan I have to consider how I might "move" my company OUT OF THE USA if they continue their hatred of job makers and business builders. Sadly at some point I may have to completely close the company here and re-open it in another country and move my family there. Hopefully we can turn things around and teach the next generation the truth. If not, everyone will wonder who is John Galt but it will be too late for them.

May God have mercy on our nation!

Joe Richardson, Texas
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