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Good bye, farewell, so long
April 21, 2011 | 01:35 PM

Jerry, I not only respect your decision, but I encourage it. You are so right in what you believe Mr. Obama is doing to this country. He said it before the election and he has done every thing in his power to make it happen. He will take from those that have worked all their lives, worked hard, and he will give it those that only work hard at believing that some one else owes them some thing. The wealth of this country is already being redistributed, look at the tax form of some one that has three kids, makes 20,000 a year and only paid in 1500.00 in federal tax. They get back 6 7 or even 8000.00 in a refund Based on the EIC. Where do you people think that money comes from. Now Mr. Obama wants to take even more. Well Jerry thank you for standing up and saying what so many of us think. God Bless you and God Bless this Country. We will be great again.

Scott King Oregon
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