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April 21, 2011 | 01:19 PM

I'm aware of the boycott, and yes, people have the right to take their business elsewhere if they learn that the business owner isn't a nice person. There are local contractors who are unwilling to serve his homeowning neighbors as well.

As for everything else.. are there police reports and documented quotes of the threats? Is the fire department able to verify the numerous times in which the fire alarms have gone off? Was he able to supply links and quotes of the "frightful taunts" other than the boycott? Where are the police reports when he catches unruly people partying on his land and he does something about it, rather than let them go and clean up the next day? Without proof of any of these allegations one can only assume most of them are not true, and he's trying to look like the victim to take the antention off of the hundreds of actual victims. I'm sorry people think he's a jerk, but that's the title a person is given when they act like one.

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