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Jerry's journey
April 21, 2011 | 12:13 PM

I have never been in Jerry's resturant, hell, I've never been in the hamptons. I have never faced Jerry's dilemma, I have never earned that kind of income. but neither have I been in a position to employ a great number of people, nor had the oppurtunity to build a fine resturant. What I have done is searve my country's military for most of my more productive years as a NCO in the US Army. Still in all I envy Jerry his accomplishments and I'll be damned if I will sit here and chastise him for giving up his resturant and other things, or his beliefs that he has paid his fair share, He worked hard for what he has acheived, and if he feels no further obligation to those who do not work, or do not have to pay taxes, then I say "GOOD ON YOU JERRY". Some of you crtisize his comments that Obama has ruined things that were, because you have never been there, Unlike me, you feel that you should get part of what is his, just because you are living in this country. To you I say "Get off you fat lazy ass, and try to emulate him instead of trying to rob him".
To Jerry I say, "sit down and enjoy it all for a while Jerry, you have EARNED it".

Jerry Allen

Jerry Allen, Laughlin Nv.
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