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Good for you John Galt!!
April 21, 2011 | 11:53 AM

Wow, I'm reading some of these comments from people on here -- they just don't get it. They are somewhat amusing, but really sad.

I completely support your decision. How do others dare to tell you that "you can afford it" because you happen to earn more than some artibrarily determined amount of money that they deem to be "rich?" Why should the income you earn by being a productive citizen be confiscated by a government who breeds hatred and envy of the producers, to give that money to petulant, unproductive, unambitious moochers? Obvious Answer: It shouldn't.

In addition, most of these so-called "rich" who are hardworking and blessed with a decent living give a lot to charities and are active in helping/supporting/giving back to their communities!! I would much rather give directly to good, local charitable organizations that I know will be of immediate help to the local community around me than have the government confiscate money and filter it down through all of their friends and political connections before a few cents on the dollar actually make it to the poor they are purporting to help.

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