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Great Restaurant; Refreshing Honesty
April 20, 2011 | 01:45 PM

To Jerry....You are a great man in so many ways. I've been a fan since childhood. I'm
from L.A. but have been fortunate to dine at your restaurant, many times. And good for you to lay part of your decision at Obama's door. If "not quite John Gault" wants to
pay more taxes, he can do just that. There is a line of the 1040 form for the taxpayer to add more. That goes for Mssrs. Buffett and Gates, too. Obama is always whining about things being "fair". What's fair about taking 40 to 80% of hard working
people's money every year? We pay enough! Good for you! I wish you many happy,
wealthy and peaceful years ahead. Creative people should be rewarded; not punished.

Cat Jagger-Pollon
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