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To be or not to be Americans
April 13, 2011 | 02:19 PM

I have heard and listened to both sides on this question on how to deal with extreme Islam. My perspective from experience in serving in the Iraq and having friends who are Muslim is this. Muslims are a captive people. They are captives of extreme Islam. You ask where are the moderate Islamic Leadership? They are dead. The best we get is this .."if you don't want to be attacked or killed, then don't disagree with us and stop supporting Israel. Basically you will have peace when you don't anger us. That's the deal. So if 15 innocent people are killed, it's not the killers fault, it's the person who pissed them off. To appease Islam all we have to do is shut up and walk on egg shells. Now it may be fashionable to bash Bush at cocktail parties, or appease a disfunctional religion gone wild, buts it's just denial out of fear. To free Muslims from terror (and us,) we have to show them we are willing to stand up to the various extreme leadership that guides their faith. If we don't, the so called moderate Muslims will remain silent and stay the course of survival. We may pretend Islam is a religion of peace but that definition of peace is when all others who disagree are silenced. To help Islam to catch up to the western world, it need us to stand up to the Islamic Bullies. If not, the extremists get to define Islam and we need to get used to walking on egg shells and remaining silent. Basically giving up being American.

Phillip Z
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