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Hi Lynn
February 19, 2011 | 05:38 PM

Just a note to clarify. First of all, R.B. wrote for The Independent as well as Hamptons Online and Dan's Papers locally. All of us agreed to pay her, but only The independent did, and on time, as Rb will readily attest. The others promised to pay her then stiffed her. Though you are right that artists and writers struggle these days, the fact that Huffington was sold for $315 million based on the loyalty of its readers -- and its hundreds of freelance writers. Greasing the skids for the writers would have been appropriate in this case. More to the point, RB is writing about a shocking practice -- the exposure of our soldiers overseas to cancer by our own armed forces. Huffington deemed it important enough to publish her, but not pay her. AOL should do the right thing and hire her so this important information gets out there. BTW, her sister was an officer in Iraq and a victim, and Rb has spend a lot of time at Walter Reed hospital with these cancer victims. Bottom line: if the Independent could find some money to pay her, Ms. Huffington --who is loaded -- certainly can as well.

Rick Murphy, Editor
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