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hearing from God
February 15, 2011 | 06:32 AM

an addendum:
The voice of our conscience is God. God speaks to us in a peaceful, gentle non accusing non condemning manner. Demons talk in a haranguing, accusing way.
The bible also says that "if you seek me with your heart and soul and mind you will find me" so God wants us to make an effort to find him, and communicate with him. It is a relationship he is after, not just a belief in him. Consequently, he often talks to us in one or two words; the reason being that he is drawing us out, wanting us to engage in dialogue, by reading his word. A bible with a concordance is very valuable this way, since it is a list of words and where they occur in scriptures; one can look up the word God communicates and find the scriptures to which God is leading us. God also often talks in questions, getting us to probe our hearts or motives. He often talks in scripture, which is why reading it and being familiar with it is helpful; if we hear something that contradicts scripture, it is not him; it is from the other side. Having said that, one needs to know which translation to read, since all the modern ones are corrupted, changing words and leaving out words; the only one that is reliable in English is the King JAMES. These points are addressed in my article "letter to a scientist/atheist".

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