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Please get your facts right~!
January 26, 2011 | 03:29 PM

Dear Editor -

I spoke about Coachella and there are some facts here that you need to get right. First, all speakers had 3 minutes to speak. Second, 225,000 people do not attend Coachella. 75,000 people attended last year. 75,000 per day and these were the same folks each day because the ticket was a three day pass. I also very clearly noted that it was much bigger than the proposed MTK and that it is on a LOT more land which can accomodate 75,000. Third, I did not mention the acts because there was no time. But to single out Kanye is misleading your readers. Check out the line up for the last few years and you will find many, many acts including South Hampton's Roger Waters a few years ago, Prince, Sly, Florence and the MAchine, Little Boots, Neko Case, Phoenix, Muse, Vampire Weekend, Echo and the Bunnymen, the National etc etc. I for one am not a Kanye fan but he is, indeed, playing this year. It is misleading to only single out Kanye as this is a much more diverse festival than that would imply.

The issue is two fold. First, transparency and information - none of which has been demonstrated by either the promoters or the Town Board either in their decisions or after the fact when logical and pertinent questions have been asked by taxpayers who will be impacted by this festival. The second is experience and safety or, rather experience=greater safety. It is dangerous to call this NIMBY when I and others have raised very legitimate issues concerning safety, traffic and quality of life. If experienced concert promoters can still have a stampede and drugs and alcohol all over the place is it not a logical and fair question to ask the promoters about their experience and how they will deal with such issues appropriately? I would argue it is. So far, in what has been filed with the Town and in responses to these legitimate questions only platitudes and generalities have been provided. That is not acceptable nor does it quell my and others concerns regarding safety and the myriad other concerns raised. As a tax paying citizen I have a right to ask and have answered these questions rather than the "easy out" of those "for" the MTK festival called NIMBY who would prefer not or can't yet provide these important details. Whatever it is, it does not ring true. Rather than jumping to the easy and disingenous conclusion of NIMBY, how about calling for disclosure, information and fact finding? Isn't that how good decisions, conclusions and opinions arrived at rather than filling in the holes after the fact?

Susan Bratton
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