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Amagansett Music Festival
January 26, 2011 | 01:53 PM

To the Editor:

Your article regarding the festival in Amagansett misquoted me as well as had factual errors. First, the Coachella festival had 75,000 people last year not 225,000. Tickets were sold for the entire three day period and thus each day the event had around 75,000. There were no single day tickets just one ticket for all three days and the total number sold was around 75,000. Adding up these numbers is misleading. The venue is MUCH larger than MTK and thus can accomodate those numbers. Second, your writer completely misrepresented the acts at Coachella as electronica and other sorts of music that i would not pay to see. While there is, in fact, an electronica tent there are also three stages and four tents making electronica a small component of the overall festival. In terms of headliners, the proposed 2011 line up includes acts such as Kings of Leon, the Black Keys, Arcade Fire as well as Cold War Kids, Mumford and Sons, Cage the Elephant, the New Pornographers, Scissor Sisters, the National and Duran Duran. Hardly electronica focused. In 2010, two of the acts that Chris Jones suggested to me he would have at MTK were also at Coachella - Vampire Weekend and Miike Snow. The Coachella Festival and its line up and target audience are, in fact, the same as those proposed by MTK just on a smaller scale. So, if we are going to have an open and honest dialogue here lets get the facts straight. They are readily available online. One thing that your articles did point out accurately was that Coachella had been going on for a decade. Exactly what worries me is that. If Coachella is being run by experienced promoters who have been running it for a decade and even they can have issues with crowd control and substances what will happen in my town of Amagansett when inexperienced promoters and planners are running it? That is my concern! If there is more experience than has so far been disclosed then lets hear about it because without experience it could be dangerous, unorganized and chaotic.

Thank you.

Susan Bratton
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