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Amagansett Concert
January 21, 2011 | 07:24 AM

I agree with the editorial. I live within a stones throw of where the concert will take place, and see this as a win all the way around on a few conditions (I think the promoter has agreed to these conditions, but am not entirely certain about that)
1. The money must be be bonded up front (This guarantees the $100,000 promised to be set aside for various charities)
2. The promoters pay all fees incurred for town assistance (police etc....)

So you may ask, how is that a win all the way around?

Local business would see a substantial rise in sales for that two day period, anyone who thinks otherwise is not being honest with themselves.
The charitable organizations would see much needed additional funds to support their efforts in our community
The taxpayer are not paying the fees for town assistance for the event

I believe the misinformation being spread is designed to incite fear, rage, and is a negative campaign to crush something that will benefit many in this community. It is about time we got rid of the "Not in my back yard" mentality, and begin to embrace ways in which we can better meet the needs of those in our community. I live in the back yard this time around and I welcome the concert event!

One last thought - I haven't seen or heard about the disbursement of of the $100,000 to the various charities. I would like to see the promoters provide a detailed listing of the charities that will receive donations, and those charities that declined to receive donations.

Bob in Amagansett
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