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January 20, 2011 | 06:01 PM

Jerry, The fast food is delivered at midnight each and every day by black-ops stealth bombers that drop crates from bomb bay doors, yanked from the planes by parachutes. They descend to the parking lots below and are whisked into underground bunkers by a hoard of ninja-like workers. Also re-supply is achieved by high speed "rumrunner" boats from ships beyond the three mile limit. The food disguised as crated of Canadian hooch are sometimes stashed in beach homes and burger and fries, etc. Are frequently left behind to placate the homeowners. One unnamed resident has received, it is said, literally hundreds and hundreds of frozen cases of sausage McMuffins but I understand this has never been validated. Further, there are resupply way stations cleverly located throughout the Hamptons only one of which has been uncovered: The belly of Big Duck. Enjoy those sausage delights while you can, I have heard the fast-food powers-that-be will soon be switching to using World War II refurbished U- Boats and off-loading the "goods" in rubber rafts at the Coast Guard Beach. Hey, remember you can't take it with you but you can have it your way, Ronald.

John F. Garretson
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