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Disgraceful behavior
January 13, 2011 | 02:36 PM

Referring to the work session of January 7th Fleming and ATH just canít stop with the political theatre and drama. I donít agree with the way the Director of General Services was hired but enough is enough. Nuzzi was asking for a financial report that was simple to follow. After all he is an elected official too and he should be able to get what he wants. ATH canít seem to let go and needs to micro manage everything.

ATH and Fleming keep saying that the Comptroller Tamara Wright has too much work? Then why is ATH and Bridget looking to add more responsibility to the already overworked Ms. Wright? Does Ms. Wright have the time to take on some of the responsibility of General Services? Or is this just a power grab for Ms. Throne-Holst? She gets rid of General Services so that she can oversee all of Personnel and hire who she wants. Was getting rid of General Services about saving the town money? Or was it about a power grab?

We all know that Tamara Wright is a friend of Annaís and donated $1800 to her election campaign a couple of years ago. Tamara is Annaís girl; she will do anything Anna wants. Tamara first worked for the town p/t helping out the previous comptroller. She was handed the job as Comptroller without any other person being interviewed nor was the job opened up to the general public.

This behavior at the work session was disgraceful and a waste of tax payer money. In my view both Bridget and ATH are using town board meetingís and work sessions as a platform for running for the next election.

Disgusted taxpayer
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