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January 05, 2011 | 09:18 AM

A wise man once said, "God helps those, who help themselves."

It's going to take alot more than prayer to fix what is broken in our country. Prayer can't fix greed. Prayer can't fix avarice. Prayer can't fix excess. Prayer can't fix our laws. Prayer can't fix self righteous ego. And, prayer cannot fix our social conscience.

Though the power of positive thought has been known to help create good things, it has not ever done so without the action, and positive reaction of good people when things go bad, or "men" do evil things. Action is required, for people, and society to change.

Praying for a blizzzard not to come, ever stopped the snow. Praying for warmth, never split one log, let alone a cord of firewood. Praying for rain, never brought a drop, except in fairy tales.

It was the "Church", and man's lust for power, as well as dominance that set the development of our society back a thousand years in the Dark Ages. Prayer is simply not the only answer.

Positive action is the only thing that has ever changed our world for the better. You want a better country? It needs to be worked for. That means doing the work of educating yourself about many things, such as our government, it's entwinement with our economy, our major corporations, most of whom are regarded as a "person" such as you, or me. That goes along with the sheer abuse of the Fourteenth Amendment. Too many of them, if they are regarded as a person, are the stunning portrait of a psychopath, "dead peasant" insurance, and all.

If you want to change a society, it's going to take alot more than prayer. It's going to take a change in social conscience. It's going to take the effort of EVERY SINGLE individual to look at their own lives, and ask themselves: "Is there any way that my behavior helps our society to still make war with my brothers, and sisters, or to keep my neighbor's children starving for a home, a meal, or even an education,?". "How does my ego, and self righteous behavior damage the society I exist in?".

Until each, and every member of our society takes a collective look inside ourselves, and the results our action. or lack thereof affects all of our neighbors, nothing will change.

You are obviously a man of God. I remember this passage from my youth about a rich man, and the eye of a needle. I recall a few years ago "Wall Streeter" Senator Phil Gramm stating that Jesus, would want people to be rich, "Wall St. is a 'holy place' " and that Christ would approve of their behavior, wealth, and excess. He's not the only one. Look around you, and your home when you think of St. Luke, "Blessed are the poor, and woe to the rich.". I don't just think, I believe Jesus would "throw the lot of them out", just like the tax collectors in the temple. I thnk that Jesus would look at the East End, and the rest of our country, and feel his example was all for naught.

What would Jesus say about "Modern Capitalism"?

Like I said, it's going to take alot more than prayer...

Mr. Z
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