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$384 DAILY! No experience required! Data entry positions available now! Internet access needed! Income is guaranteed! Apply today! www.datahomeworker.com

$600 Weekly Potential $$$Helping the government PT. No experience. No selling. Call 1-888-213-5225 Ad Code E. Void in Maryland and South Dakota.

1000 Envelopes= $7000 GUARANTEED! Receive $7 for every envelope Stuffed with our sales material. Free 24 hour information. 1-866-526-0078.

**2008 POSTAL JOBS!** $14 to $59 hour + Full Federal Benefits. No Experience Required. NOW HIRING! Green Card OK. 1-800-913-4384 ext. 95 Closed Sundays.

ASSEMBLE MAGNETS & CRAFTS FROM HOME! Year-round Work! Excellent Pay! No Experience! Top US Company! Glue Gun, Painting, Jewelry & More! TOLL FREE 1-866-844-5091, code 2.

BORED? NO JOB? Travel, Travel, Travel! Spend X-Mas in Vegas, Spring in California, $500 sign-in bonus, seeking guys/gals., Join Hip Hop Blue Jean Environment x/y gen. Music lovers welcome! Start today! Smokey #888-440-0944.

BODYGUARDS - COUNTER ASSAULT TEAMS! Needed/USA and OVERSEAS $119 - $220k year. Bodyguards $250 - $750 a day 18 or older. 1-615-730-5936 ext 633 www.OverSeaMissions.com

Bodyguards needed. No experience OK. FREE training. Excellent pay. Stateside and overseas assignments.Temporary or long term. 1-615-228-1701. www.psubodyguards.com

DATA ENTRY PROCESSORS NEEDED! Earn $3,500 - $5,000 weekly! Working from home! Guaranteed paychecks! No experience necessary! Positions available today! Register online now! www.DataCashNow.com

Earn up to $500 weekly assembling our angel pins in the comfort of your own home. No experience required. Call 413-303-0474 or visit www.angelpin.net.

EARN EXTRA MONEY FOR X-MAS!! Mailing brochures! Weekly pay + bonus. Guaranteed opportunity! Start today! 1-800-621-3560 Code 11.

GOVERNMENT JOBS $12-$48/hr Full Benefits/Paid Training. Work available in areas like Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Wildlife and more! 1-800-320-9353 ext 2002.

***FEDERAL POSTAL POSITIONS*** now hiring + federal benefits! $14 - $59 hour. Paid training. No experience. Green Card OK. 1-866-477-4952 ext. 7.

Help Wanted Earn Extra Income, assembling CD cases from home. Start immediately, No experience necessary. 1-800-405-7619 ext 1395 www.easywork-greatpay.com.

MOVIE EXTRAS/MODELS NEEDED! Earn $100 - $300 per day. No experience required. All looks and ages needed. Call now!!

OFFICE CLEANERS OPPORTUNITIES . Start today. Part time/full time. Night-day, wkend poss. Flex hrs. 17 per. Call 1-900-945-8900.

POST OFFICE NOW HIRING! Avg. pay $20/hour or $57K/yr. Including Fed. Benefits and OT. Placed by adSource,, not affiliated with USPS who hires. 1-866-497-0989.

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