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Indy Gets Fit
Indy Gets Fit
We're doing it this year, and we mean it! As The Independent rolls out its new Health & Fitness guides over the next few months, we're not just going to be writing about fitness, we're going to be getting fit, and sharing our experiences in this blog. Feel free to respond, jeer, praise, or share your own tips in our comment section.

A Tale of Five Juices

January 15, 2013 | 02:54 PM

I was perched atop a bar stool enjoying my second Guinness on New Year's Day when my sister, who's become somewhat of a health nut as of the last two years, confided in me that she was going to start a cleanse consisting of juicing fresh fruits and veggies.

And that's all she was going to eat. For 10 days. No caffeine, no (gulp!) alcohol, no solid food at all. Just juice and water. That's it.

Four days after the New Year, I was ready for a change. The time had come for me to rid myself of all the toxins, all the waste and all the other delicious, horribly non-nutritious stuff that had become frequent inhabitants of my body. I was embarking on a serious, spiritual, emotional, and, at least in my own head, incredibly annoying journey. And juice was to be my only companion.

When the day came to begin the juice cleanse, I welcomed it with open arms.

I grabbed a small handful of kale, a small handful of spinach, a celery stalk, a few pieces of frozen pineapple, some frozen mango and half a banana. Dropping them into what was to become my new best friend, the Nutri-Bullet (an all in one juicing, food processing, ice crushing gift from god) I added water and watched as the powerful blades pureed the bejeezes out of the produce.

The end result was a green concoction. Think chartreuse, except murkier. And I was to drink about five of those a day.

I was shocked to find how full I felt after drinking one juice. I was also shocked to see how much energy I had. And the good kind of energy, not the tweaked out, crash an hour later version I was accustomed to from coffee, soda, and Redbull. I felt strong. Really strong. So strong that when my stomach began to violently grumble two hours after inhaling my first juice, I paid it no mind. . . for a little while at least.

In the beginning, I was starving. The first few days it was really hard to be in the house, especially the kitchen. I felt food was constantly in my face. Watching TV was almost impossible. I felt lonely, like I wasn't a real person, just a shadow of my former self. It's unbelievable how much I discovered our society revolves around food.

As the week pressed onward, I started looking forward to my juices. I started to experiment with what flavor profiles would complement my palette. I put kale and spinach in almost every single juice I made. When I craved some "nourishment," I had a cup of hot water with lemon. It gave me the illusion I was having a hot meal. . . or a Hot Toddy.

After 10 days, my cleanse ended on Monday. End results: lost almost 10 pounds. Energy levels were up. Sleep was uninterrupted.

I never thought I'd make it, but now I'm looking forward to doing it again . . . soon . . . after I finish this roast chicken and mashed potatoes.

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