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May 20, 2015

A Beautiful Place To Visit, A Great Place To Live

Don Bindler. (click for larger version)
Shelter Island is an oasis of tranquility that until now has remained a mystery to many New York City and Hamptons residents. With the publication of the first ever Shelter Island Comprehensive Guide, broker Melina Wein, founder of M. Wein Realty, unveils a unique year-round community that is just a ten minute ferry ride beyond the Hamptons and the pastoral northern wine country, where many of the best attributes of both are enjoyed in abundance.

"My guide was written to share information on the wide range of activities, entertainment, businesses, artists, non-profits and more that make our life on this island so special," said Wein about the guide book which shows the world that Shelter Island is a beautiful place to visit and a great place to live.

Living on Shelter Island for the past 20 years, she and her husband Marc have raised a family there, while simultaneously building a thriving real estate business that today represents Shelter Island's most luxurious waterfront properties as well as its plentiful vacation rental homes.

The Comprehensive Guide, which is the perfect purchase for locals and visitors alike, features breathtaking original Shelter Island photography, much of it shot by Don Bindler, a nine-year sales associate at M. Wein Realty. With the dedication and perseverance of fellow M. Wein associate Yvonne Purcell, along with Jessica Mackin, Eddie Brown, Jan Mackin and Blanca Frausto, the Comprehensive Guide has been compiled with a sense of passion and pride for Shelter Island.

Sections include the history, geography and population of Shelter Island, plus an in depth look at its abundant organizations, recreational opportunities, accommodations, restaurants, markets, shopping, arts and entertainment. There are also sections on health, beauty and wellness, professional and home services and all of the information you will need to know about the community.

The book is available for purchase starting in June around Shelter Island and online on Amazon Kindle. It alternatively can be obtained by simply calling, emailing or visiting M. Wein Realty, located at 34 North Ferry Rd on Shelter Island. Call 631-749-0999 or email melina@mweinrealty.com.

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