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December 21, 2011

Historical Society Gets Rare Painting

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The Southold Historical Society on Monday announced the acquisition of a large double portrait depicting the Stephenson brothers, who were some of the first summer residents of Orient, NY to come from Brooklyn. The painting, which dates back to 1841, measures over four and a half by five and a half feet and is one of the largest children's portraits related to eastern Long Island ever discovered, according to the society's director Geoffrey K. Fleming.

Upon arrival to the society, the portrait was in poor condition and was extremely dirty, but has since been cleaned, repaired and re-lined. It is now available for viewing by the public in the society's Prince Building.

"It is a very important work and we are delighted to have received it," Fleming said.

For more information on the society call 631-765-5500 or visit www.southoldhistoricalsociety.org.

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