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December 14, 2011


Dear Editor,

I just don't understand how the [Southampton] Town Comptroller did not know that overtime costs for the Town Police Department exceeded the budget and allowed the spending to continue. I also don't understand how the Police Chief can spend money that is not appropriated in his budget. New initiatives must be within the budget funding, you can't spend what you don't have. That is the law.

The Comptroller's office has staffing a mile long. Where are the checks and balances? Who reviews the monthly variance reports? What if every department head spent more than allocated? Administrators need to be held accountable, department heads must operate within their budget lines and all held accountable by the Town Board.



Dear Rick,

Every action that government takes should be measured by its impact on the freedom of the American people. Our Declaration of Independence makes the argument against an oppressive system and for man's right to self determination and our Constitution provides the framework in maintaining a free society. Its premise is that the federal government must be limited in power and authority. The individual must remain free to pursue his "inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

I have attempted to describe the essence of the meaning of America, certainly in its past, but questionable for her future if we continue down the slippery slope of socialism where the federal government becomes the center of American life. I do not understand how any American could demand that it is the government's responsibility to provide him a cradle to grave existence. Yet, our Founding Fathers' worst nightmare is happening before our eyes. A voice is being given to those who desire a federal government that has unlimited power and authority.

I am tired, no I am fed up with having to listen to those whose philosophy, if implemented, would strip me of freedom and destroy the greatest nation ever created. That is why, fair reader, it is so important that every action that Washington takes should be measured by its impact on the freedom of the American people.



Dear Rick,

What is it about these avid (read rabid) OWS haters? What blinds them from seeing; seeing what OWS is all about? Why is it so difficult for some to comprehend the outrageous disparity of wealth in our country, which is the reason for the Occupancies throughout our country?

The 99 percent will not and cannot be stopped. I read the same old Letters from the same old clueless writers; the ones that attempt to denigrate words like Occupiers, Progressives, Liberals; writers by tagging the 99 percent as Socialists, Communists, nihilists, any negative-ists one can think of rather than realist, empathist or humanist, which is what they are.

These misguided critics do not even realize that by their need elevate their self esteem and to paint themselves as superior to the protesting "riff-raff" does not make them a part of the elite 1 percent. They are merely stooges and facilitators and those 99 percent out there actually represent them as much as it represents nurses, teachers, firefighters, ad infinitum . . . as well as the police ordered to keep them contained.

One need only view the graphic proof indicating the comparative rate of income growths having taken place in the last thirty some odd years. The middle class has virtually flat lined while the wealthy have exploded exponentially. Why?

There are those simple minded who contend that the root cause for the lack of growth of the middle class is that they work not hard enough. Is there anyone naive enough to suggest that the ever growing disparity was and is because the wealthy had each year worked several times harder than the previous year while the middle class has just sat traditionally on their lazy old butt year after year! Obviously, nonsense.

The reason that the middle class has such a near impossible task of upward mobility is the barriers set up by that exclusive club of the one percent making certain it is kept exclusive. Typical barriers set up to keep the middle class back in their place are: cut support for education and teachers; and raise college costs to keep them uneducated; cut health care, keeping them poor; do away with unions depriving working people of any power to insure their position remains stagnant.

Finally, to keep that 99 percent in their place and their one percent in their ever skyrocketing growth pattern, tax dodging is brought to an art form and loopholes like a mine field are dug everywhere possible. The wonder is not why the 99 percenters feel something stinks; the wonder is why the delusional would-be one percenters do not.



Dear Mr. Murphy,

One of the reasons I believe Republicans haven't developed a narrative to defeat Democrats relates to my argument that if Steve Levy ran for Governor he would have received 40 percent of the vote, about the same as Carl Paladino of Buffalo, in large part because Mr. Levy has embraced a Southampton "ethos" that has contributed to economic disparities between the areas east and west of the Canal through development practice that favors individual profit over the community good.

To explain some of the disparities I'll review my attempts to restore an old house as well as the hybrid planning vehicles favored by Southampton known as Planned Development Districts (PDDs) and Planned Residential Developments (PRDs). A minor but obvious detail is that in one case a hybrid is called a development and in another it's called a district. Therefore, revising Southampton's zoning code to eliminate inconsistent or confusing naming conventions would be a good job for someone.

The problem with hybrids is that they increase density by circumventing zoning. However, in Southampton both Republicans and Democrats have conflated hybrids with "community good" when in realty they pose unique zoning challenges that are never addressed because the hybrids are assumed to be inherently "good." I'm going to argue that ignoring zoning challenges can hurt the economy.



Dear Editor,

There's a collective smile on the faces of New Yorkers proud of their government and what bipartisan cooperation can produce for a citizenry tired of the kind of bickering and backbiting that has stalled our federal government.

In stark contrast to the gridlock in Washington D.C., the NY State Senate Republican Majority has worked together with Governor Andrew Cuomo to accomplish major changes and positive reforms this year.

The new Middle Class Tax Cut and Job Creation Plan will build on these successes by cutting taxes for hardworking middle class families, and helping to create new private sector jobs.

The package delivers on my longstanding goal of derailing the job-killing MTA Payroll Tax.

It includes:

$250 million in new tax relief through elimination of the MTA Payroll Tax on most small businesses;

Elimination of this job-killing tax for more than 290,000 small businesses throughout the 12 county MTA region; an 81 PERCENT of all impacted businesses will see the tax completely eliminated.

Earlier this year, working in a bipartisan manner, we accomplished some very important things for the people of this State – including eliminating a $10 billion deficit, bringing spending under control and capping property taxes.

This job-creating economic plan continues to defy the political gridlock that has paralyzed Washington and shows that we can make government work for the people of this State once again. I am pleased to have partnered with the Governor on this agreement that reflects two of my long-held priorities: cutting your taxes and creating jobs in New York State.


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    doing their homework
    December 14, 2011 | 11:46 AM

    Rick: Our public educational system was set-up long ago by people such as John Adams with moral and legal legitamacy, to ensure that the US population could read and write, i.e. have the critical thinking skills necessary for a democratic republic. Today,right now, study after study, layer after layer of empirical data proves that we are not even coming close to the objective despite spending 100 of billions of tax revenue annually, year in, year out. (Local public schools spend anywhere from $25k -$39k per student annually) There is a direct corralation between the juvenile prison system's population ,the adult prison system's population, the homeless population, joblessness,economic violence, the lack of voter participation and the poor or non-existent vetting of a presidential candidate, to the inability to read,write and listen on a twelth grade level.. Your editorial a few weeks ago regarding the poor performance of school supervisors is telling but only part of the ruinous scene Ask Greg Blass ,Suffolk's Commissioner of Humane Health and Services for a profile of his/our ''clients". Better yet, bring his profile to the next school board meeting or to Tim Bishop's office.

    P.H.Babcock Sag Harbor
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