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December 07, 2011

Life-Saving Open House

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An open house is being hosted by the Amagansett Life-Saving Station and Coast Guard Building Committee on Sunday, in the Marine Museum at 301 Bluff Road, Amagansett.

This will be the public's first opportunity to learn of the progress made and the plans for the restoration of the Life-Saving Station in the dunes by the ocean. The members of the committee are: Isabel Carmichael, Michael Cinque, Peter Garnham, Hugh King, John Ryan, Jr., Dominick Stanzione, Kent Miller, and Robert Strada.

Light refreshments will be offered during the 2 to 4 PM open house, with a talk by members of the committee at 2:30 PM. Vintage pictures of the Life-Saving Station will be on display with shirts and hats for sale. The Marine Museum will be open to the public at no admission charge during the open house.

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