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April 20, 2011

Sloppy Law Enforcement

Dear Rick,

If you are the unscrupulous owner of a company that employs illegal immigrant labor, you can pocket extra profits by paying "off the books" and not providing Worker's Comp coverage that legal workers get. But for honest employers and the rest of us citizen taxpayers, illegal immigration is a gigantic tax burden.

As we confront unprecedented Federal, State and Local budget deficits, higher taxes and cuts in vital services, taxpaying citizens need to know the actual costs of illegal immigration.

Nationally, reliable independent studies estimate that American citizens pay $113 Billion every year to cover the costs of illegal immigration.

Here in New York State, home to over one million illegal immigrants, our state costs are also staggering.

In 2006, New York taxpaying citizens forked over $5.15 Billion to provide free education, free healthcare and criminal justice expenses for illegal aliens living in our state.

Anyone who claims that illegal immigrants are all "law abiding" or "hard working" are ignoring crime data.

"I Love New York" might as well be the motto of Criminal Aliens here. U.S. Department of Justice data reveals that New York State spends more than any other state except California incarcerating Criminal Aliens in state prisons.

The Suffolk County jail in Riverhead has a large and growing Criminal Alien population (over 10 percent) with many of these inmates members of violent Drug Gangs.

It would be unfair to blame New York's budget mess on illegal immigration alone. After all, reckless spending is a time-honored tradition in Albany.

At the start of this year, New York State faced a budget deficit of some $9 Billion. Deduct the $5 Billion in state costs associated with resident illegal aliens, and we would still be "in the red" but over half the state deficit would vanish.

New York State need not wait for Washington to curb illegal immigration.

There are proven, common-sense measures that can be quickly adopted at the State, County and even Local level.

Why should we give one dime of taxpayer money to companies that cheat?

"E-Verify," the free Federal program employers can use to validate new hires, should be required for all firms that bid on public contracts anywhere in our state.

Why should we welcome Criminal Aliens with sloppy, uncoordinated law enforcement?

"Secure Communities," the effective Federal crime-fighting program gives local police access to immigration data so they can identify dangerous Criminal Aliens and previously deported aliens. "Secure Communities" should be adopted immediately by every County in New York State.

New York City's "Sanctuary" policy prohibits the NYPD from cooperating with Federal immigration officials and this insane policy attracts illegal immigrants and Criminal Aliens to our state. "Sanctuary Cities" should be outlawed by Albany lawmakers.

Lax border security is indeed a Federal problem. But, illegal immigration's costs are a crushing burden to State and Local taxpayers.


Editor's note: Your figures completely contradict the Hagedorn Economic Impact Study, which erroneously concluded the Latino population adds billions of dollars to the Long Island economy. The faulty data leads to conclusions so beyond the pale that they are laughable, e.g that more Latinos on Long Island were born in New York State than in foreign countries; That 20 percent of Latinos between the ages of 20-29 attend or attended college or graduate school; that 8 percent of the adult male population holds management positions in business or finance, and that 27 percent of Latino families in Suffolk County earn more than $100,000 a year. In addition, the study wildly underestimates the cost of medical care by using only the amount Suffolk County government expends of health services – the billions spent by hospitals caring for illegal immigrants with no medical insurance is not factored in. The cost of educating Latinos is also wildly underestimated. We mention this because the Hagedorn study is frequently cited by illegal immigration advocates to conclude the rise in that population benefits the community. It is impossible to have a dialogue if these people are naive enough to believe this nonsense.

Japanese Wake Up Call

Dear Editor,

Are we on eastern Long Island being dangerously short sighted? The powers that be should give serious consideration to saving and maintaining the once important and highly functional Navy Grumman airport in Riverhead and get this valuable, available asset up and running once again. We need to learn from the Japanese experience what can happen in a disaster and how we might survive in a similar emergency and its following crisis.

As we know, there is no credible evacuation plan for us east enders.

With that stark reality in mind a nearby functional airport may turn out to be our only saving grace in a disaster. Yes, let's learn from Japan.


Beach Battle

Dear Editor,

The residents of Southampton have been fighting off attempts by the "richies" to remove us from "their" beaches for many years, as have the Town Trustees.

Most of the recent attempts have been orchestrated by attorney Angel, and defeated, so far, at each level of the State court system including the Appellate Division.

It seems Mr. Angel is at it again, albeit at the urging of his clients.

To the people of East Hampton: Your Town Trustees have the right and obligation to defend the Trustee's rights to regulate the Town tidal waters under the Dongan Patent.

While you may have ownership issues, exploring and proceeding through he condemnation morass should not be your focus today.

The right to regulate is not an ownership issue. It's a grant of authority to regulate which the trustees could not sell to the highest bidder. The obligation to regulate does not end at property boundaries. Anyone who deals with building departments knows this.

East Hampton - you must stand up to this assault on one of the last privileges of being free holders in the town you have.

Over the years, we in Southampton have learned a few important concepts:

1. You cannot compromise anywhere. To do so speaks of a weakness in your argument.

2. The "richies" have deep pockets. If your Trustees need financial help, and they will, hold fundraisers for their defense fund. We have done exactly that in Southampton.

3. You must police yourselves at the beach. These people are not your friends, but don't make them your enemies.

4. Stay alert and be diligent. The Huns are and always will be at the gate.

Don't let Mr. Angel and his property owners put your pelt on their belts. Again, focus on the trustee's obligation under the Dongan Patent.

I think I speak for a lot of people in Southampton when I say, we implore you to be diligent and will unite with you if requested. We've been through enough here to know that we will continue to see Mr. Angel, and we continue to watch him and the people he represents, as you should.


Not In My Name

Dear Editor,

Ok, what's on my mind? Libya. Now please, from the get-go, I'm not a fan of Khadafi, so much so I'm not even worried about spelling. Now, at what point did it become the job of this country to be the world's policeman? I understand Afghanistan, don't understand why Osama isn't dead yet, but I understand Afghanistan. I fully understand Iraq, I don't understand the idiot who let a truly evil man lead this country into that "conflict," but I understand Iraq. Now, even more people are being killed, in my name, by shit stamped "Made in the USA" that blows up very well, a very long way from the country itself. So . . .

I'm forced to think about the Constitution, and the idea prevalent at that time that perhaps the ruler of a country shouldn't be allowed to pull the trigger, since monarchs had been doing it for years; getting peeved at some ruler next door, so committing the country's blood and treasure to a fight over truly menial matters; thus, entrusting such a matter to the capable hands of the Senate--that body representing the citizens of the nation equally, with a tenure of office designed for experience so as to weigh those proposals from the House. This body, equally represented of the nation, to vote on whether the country was to go to war--yet where is the vote?

The notion that one man holds in his hand the nation's blood and treasure, and that it shouldn't be that way -- that is one of the principle foundations of this country, and I wish the Senate would start doing its job. A continuing spate of regional conflicts cannot be in the best interest of this country--I am tired of seeing US aid being utilized 8000 miles away to build roads when the road that abuts my driveway is in disrepair and my local councilman is honestly pleading no funds. I do not wish to fall into the trap of being tagged some isolationist, pulling up the oceans about us and letting the rest find their way, that just isn't possible today, but even in a 24 hour news cycle, I would think that a public quorum of Senators would be required for death to be unleashed. At least I thought that was how it was supposed to be.

Now I understand that in this global village, there could arise a case where the President is in a situation where he has to make some instant decisions which carry the weight of law--the last one confronted by said same was reading to children and didn't purport himself well--then committed treason by shifting supplies away from the known enemy to an enemy of his choosing, forsaking an oath to defend this country and instead choosing policy. That he was allowed to get away with that as well as torture is testimony to this country's righteousness, but back to the point at hand. I even agree with parts of the War Powers Act that gives the President two months to flex this country's collective might. It is a fact that large numbers of people around the world wish this country harm, and in the event of an attack, the President must be allowed to quickly respond with force. It's a given. So where was the attack? Oh, in Benghazi, I'm not sure I know anybody there--but there is oil. It seems defending this country these days entail guarding an oil supply for an industry that likes to hand out 500 million dollar bonuses, very little of which is taxed -- gee, I wonder why I'm so pissed off.


Public Office. Private Gain

Dear Mr. Murphy,

The casual corruption that I perceive exists in Southampton is based on the use of public office for private gain . . . with the added twist of endangering homeowners. So let's "follow the money" starting with the zoning "process:"

A property owner files an application for, say, a special variance.

Immediately two people have profited: the lawyer submitting the application and the expediter who has prepared the zoning paperwork.

These two may be cronies of Planning or Zoning Board members.

The application may be incomplete or contain misleading information, which is ignored by the Boards. The application usually contains a "planted" testimonial, which is not vetted by the Boards. The planted, unvetted testimonial may unwittingly be published by newspapers as fact. This helps the Boards justify their approval should anyone object to the application. After approval, the property owner awards a contract to one of the cronies who may be a Board member.

However troubling the above, the special twist that applies to Southampton (and only Southampton) is the willingness of elected officials to hurt homeowners in the service of generating profits for cronies . . . who may be millionaires!

In my opinion, this practice should serve as an opening for any elected official to defeat an opponent. Ironically it could have served as an opening for Steve Levy but he never investigated the practice.


Search Engine Solution

Dear Editor,

To all Birthers (idiots):

1. Visit hawaii.gov.

2. Search for "Obama birth certificate".

3. Click the top hit, "Statement by Dr. Chiyome Fukino - hawaii.gov".

4. Shut up!


A Kick In The Can

Dear Rick,

It appears that Pepsi-Cola has designed a new soda can; a "Patriotic" can. Besides depicting images of landmarks identified with America, they decided to also reprint the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag in its 1924 form. However, there are those who find it offensive by not including the most recent revision.

Francis Bellamy while preparing a Columbus Day celebration for a school program penned the original Pledge of Allegiance to the flag in 1892. It remained as such until 1924 at which time one minor adjustment was implemented. The only change to the original was the section, "to my flag" which was elaborated to read, "to the flag of the United States of America." There was no distortion to the original meaning and intent. In fact the singular addition Francis Bellamy had originally wanted to include was the word "equality," however the education committee at that time were against equality for women and African Americans so he did not.

Thirty years later in 1954 Congress acquiesced to the campaigning of the Knights of Columbus and tacked on the "under God" proviso. Ironic, how Columbus is interwoven with the pledge. On Columbus Day in 1892 the magnanimous secular patriotic oath for all Americans, to the flag of our country is composed and 62 years later, the Knights of Columbus sees fit to confine it to only those who agree with their belief in a deity. Francis Bellamy was a Baptist minister. If he thought "under God" was relevant to one's love of country, he certainly would have included it in his Pledge.

I personally feel that the choice of the 1924 version is the all-inclusive Pledge that applies to all Americans. I also feel that "under God" is no more appropriate being included in the Pledge to our flag than distorting the Lord's Prayer to read, "Our Father who art in heaven under the flag of the United States of America, hallowed be thy name."

Separation of Church and State is an important foundation of our country . . . our secular country. One need only look at the predominantly theocratic environment of those countries in which we are presently and unfortunately, militarily involved to realize the dangers of unifying the two.


The Spirit Of Our Country

Dear Rick,

If one believes that the fundamental moral and legal legitimacy for the U S Constitution and the bureaucracies which have ensued flows FROM each and every legal citizen . . . and if one believes that the intent of the adults who established such a constitutional frame work was to enable and ensure the longevity of a Republican type of meritocracy. . . and if one believes that the magnificent success of this country to date, is based on such . . .

Then, how is it that we have allowed our governments to bestow on us "entitlements" such as Obamacare, which effectively changes our government and society into a socialistic or even a totalitarian state?

If governmental bureaucracies can redistribute income and thusly bestow entitlements to anyone they chose, including foreign nationals, then it also stands, that they are empowered to summarily take them away, at will, at any time. Despite the taxpayers commitment of trillions of dollars of earnings, our schools systems and what we today call "minority" communities illustrate the poor results of this drift away from a basic, Republican type of meritocracy, which works.

Our crushing, national debt crisis resulting from our(?) government's runaway spending for thousands of various "entitlement" programs, is another result of this drift. Constitutionally limited government coupled with fiscal responsibility and free market capitalism (read meritocracy) has brought us as a people, a very long, wonderful way. Yet, currently, we are faced with an aggressively pushed, progressive, liberal bias which historically has failed into chaos and stagnation because of its moral and legal legitimacy NOT flowing from the individual but down from faceless bureaucracies.

At this time of Christian spiritual contemplation and renewal, we would hope that adults across the country would take the time to also examine where we are going with the spirit of our country.


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