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April 06, 2011

MAC Markets East Hampton

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The East Hampton Town Media Advisory Committee is on a roll. Convened about a year ago and tasked with finding ways to promote the media industry locally, MAC has already attracted several television and film enterprises to town.

According to Councilwoman Theresa Quigley, who spearheaded the group's formation, this month an ABC pilot will do a one-day shoot in town and the French Elle magazine will undertake a fashion shoot. Renowned chef Bobby Flay, who has a house in Amagansett, may also be doing some taping locally, the councilwoman said.

Last week, Golden Globe nominee Steven Bauer, best known as Mani in the Al Pacino vehicle Scarface was in town shooting an independent film. Knuckleheads, by David Karges and Sridhar Ranganath was shot at locations around town and at East Hampton Studios in Wainscott.

Quigley reported MAC decided to target independent films because those with a lower threshold of cost don't have to use union workers. Requiring the use of union labor in big films "is a big problem for us; it's way too expensive," Quigley said. Independent films can use local workers, and any time a movie is lensed locally, it can mean substantial benefit to any number of local businesses. Quigley listed restaurants, motels, carpenters, and even hairdressers as professionals who could benefit from an enhanced industry presence.

While East Hampton is internationally renowned as the playground of the rich and famous, the councilwoman acknowledged, "We also want to market East Hampton for what it is and focus on the small town aspect." This week she and Supervisor Bill Wilkinson are Manhattan bound, with meetings scheduled with the New York state and Suffolk county film commissions. "We're looking for ideas on what types of incentives we can give," Quigley said.

The MAC also plans to coordinate with film students at East Hampton High School. "We want to get the kids involved," Quigley said. "We thought the students would be great resources."


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