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April 06, 2011

"Sabby the Lingo?" Maritime Language – XIX

As noted prior, each discipline has a language and that language conveys competency to the listener. This column is part of a series of maritime vocabulary words. So you can sound like the salty ol' mariner you are… We'll run enough of these to get the major concepts and phraseology from Alpha to Zulu in front of you!

Q - Quebec

International Meaning:

Ship meets health regulations; request clearance into port.

Navy Meaning:

Boat recall; all boats return to ship.

• Q Flag, Quarantine Flag - The Quebec pennant is flown when first entering a country, indicating that the people on the ship are healthy and that the vessel wants permission to visit the country. The flag means "My vessel is healthy and I request free pratique.

• Quadrant - (1) A nautical instrument, on the arc of which is a finely graduated scale showing degrees and minutes, with adjustable reflectors, etc.; used to find the altitude of heavenly bodies, angular distances, etc. (2) On a steering gear, the rudder quadrant is a section of a wheel or sheave fastened to the rudder head.

• Quarantine - A harbor restriction placed on a ship which has an infectious disease on board, or which has arrived from a country where such a disease is prevalent. The crew may not go ashore until the ship is granted pratique.

• Quarter - (1) That portion of the vessel forward of the stern and abaft of the beam. "On the quarter" applies to a bearing 45Ί abaft the beam. Every boat has a starboard and a port quarter. (2) Mercy shown to captives or enemies, such as giving quarter to the passengers of a seized vessel. 1

• Quarter Berth - A bunk which runs under the cockpit

• Quarter Boat - Boat carried at davits on quarter of ship, and kept ready for immediate use when at sea.

• Quarter Spring - Line led forward, from quarter of a vessel, to prevent her from moving astern.

• Quarterdeck - The part of the upper deck which is abaft the mainmast, or in that general location of a ship without one. The quarterdeck was normally reserved for officers.

• Quartering Sea - Winds and waves on a boat's quarter

• Quartermaster - An able-bodied seamen entrusted with the steering of a vessel when entering or leaving a harbor. He is also involved with the use and upkeep of navigational equipment.

• Quarters - Living space for the crew.

• Quay - A solid wharf or structure built of stone along the edge of a harbor used for loading and offloading of cargo, and embarkation and disembarkation of passengers.

• Queen Topsail - Small staysail located between the foremast and mainmast.

• Quick Flashing Light - A navigational aid with a light that flashes about once per second.

R - Romeo

International Meaning:

No meaning.

Navy Meaning:

Preparing to replenish (At sea). Ready duty ship (In port).

• Race - (1) A strong, confused tide or current. (2) A competition of skill and seamanship between yachts.

• Rack - The operation of temporarily holding two lines together by seizing.

• Radiation Fog - Fog over land caused by condensation of vapor in the air above cooler ground.

• Radio Beacon - A navigational aid that emits radio waves for navigational purposes. The radio beacon's position is known and the direction of the radio beacon can be determined by using a radio direction finder.

• Radio Direction Finder (RDF) - A navigational instrument which provides a bearing to a radio beacon.

• Radome - A bun-shaped cover placed over a radar scanner to prevent risk of fouling and to protect it from the weather.

• Rafting - (1) When two or more boats tie up alongside each other. (2) Overlapping of edges of two ice-floes, so that one floe is partly supported by the other.

• Rail - (1) The edge where the deck joins the hull; top edge of bulwarks. (2) The railing around the deck.

• Range - (1) Sighting two objects in a line to indicate a course to be steered (2) The distance a boat can travel using the fuel stored aboard.

• Rap Full - As close to the wind as possible, with all sails full, and no wrinkles in them.

• Ratlines - Small lines tied between the shrouds that form steps to function as a ladder to climb the rigging.

• Reach - (1) A point of sail between close-hauled and a run, with the wind coming from abeam. (2) A distance, or fetch. (3) Straight stretch of water between two bends in a river or channel.

• Reaching - Any point of sail with the wind coming from the side of the boat. If the wind is coming from directly over the side, it is a beam reach. If the wind is coming from forward of abeam it is a close reach. If the wind is coming from over the quarter, it is called a broad reach.

• Ready About - An expression used to the crew to indicate that the boat is about to tack.

• Reef - (1) The rolled up part of a sail, tied with the reef lines, that is used to reduce sail area for heavy winds; To reduce the sail area. (2) A group of rocks or coral generally at a depth shallow enough to present a hazard to navigation.

More in the weeks ahead…!

BTW, if you are interested in being part of USCG Forces, email me at JoinUSCGAux2008@aol.com or go direct to Lisa Etter, who is in charge of new members matters, at FSO-PS@emcg.us and we will help you "get in this thing…"

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