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February 09, 2011

Seriously Consider

To The Editor,

Aggressive law enforcement is not the answer to the issues you raised. Bill McGintee tried it and it didn't work. What makes you think it will work now? Giving someone a ticket and perhaps fining them is the least effective way to stop these problems We ought to seriously consider taking these matters out of the Court and creating an administrative tribunal, a quality of life court, where neighbors can be asked to sit down with each other and try and work things out. Raising the level of civility just might work.


Editor's Note: Bill McGintee did nothing to enforce code enforcement laws beyond making his incompetent friend the department head and engaging in vendettas against people he didn't like. He did call a much ballyhooed press conference to announce a hotline to report violators – but it didn't exist.

Strong Statement

Dear Rick,

Bravo to the Republican majority in the House of Representatives for voting to repeal Obamacare. Worthless symbolism you say? When is the last time either house of Congress has voted to repeal a recently enacted law? This repeal vote was, indeed, significant and a strong statement that Americans remain livid that nationalized health care was shoved down our throats.

Remember last Christmas when the Democrats could not muster the votes to pass the socialized medicine law, so they finessed an end run through the reconciliation process in order to give Washington full control over one sixth of our economy. Yup, this all happened on Christmas Eve, 2009. The Democrats gave us something that America cannot afford and that will destroy the best health care system in the world.

It is time to "re-gift" this legislation by repealing it in its entirety.


Our Town

Dear Editor;

America at its best! That's what it was on January 31st at the Southold Town Rec Center.

Many Americans came together to talk about what they want Southold Town to look like in the years to come, and how to do it.

Respectfully sitting together in groups of 10 or more, we spoke of what is needed and what each one of us can do, not only to protest but to grow as a town and as a people.

We all, it seemed, came from all walks of life, values and perspectives, but we all agreed on one major thing: this is our town, let's work together and save it." It's worth saving.


Impartial Judges

Dear East Hampton Independent,

Virginia Thomas is the wife of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. He is one of 9 supposedly "Politically Impartial" judges with a lifetime position on that exalted "Unbiased" one third of our U.S. branches of government.

Mrs. Thomas, "Ginni," is a founder of a Conservative Activist group now Liberty Central, a group she envisioned as forming a bridge between the conservative establishment and the anti-establishment tea party Conservative movement. She is a Lobbyist which boasts using her, "experience and Connections" to help clients with "Governmental Efforts" and political, "Undisclosed Donation Strategies," the same undisclosed donations surprisingly ruled last year in which Justice Thomas in the Citizens United ruling decided with the majority in a decision that allowed corporate donations to fund campaign ads, without disclosing their contributions; a fortuitous ruling for Ginni, to be sure. That was the same outrageous ruling which contradicted all laws of anatomy by ruling that a corporation was a Person.

Those comparing Ginni's "connected" role to 1/9th of the Supreme Court to Hillary Clinton's unabashedly biased leanings akin to her husband's, the President of the United States obviously do not understand the difference between the Executive branch and that of the Judicial. He was a Democrat and she as well. He was voted into office on a political platform and never expected to be impartial, neutral or unbiased; no less than any other political party leader whether it is Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Reagan or Bush. They are all flag bearers of their individual political parties. The Supreme Court is another animal completely and having one ninth of it compromised by a wife with her "connections" is unseemly if not downright illegal.

But then what are we really upset about, balance in our unbalanced Supreme Court? With Thomas, Roberts, Alito, Scalia, and the possible deciding vote by Reagan appointed, Kennedy; unbiased decisions are a farce as is our present "neutral" Supreme Court.



To the Editor,

I enjoy reading your paper nevertheless it seems that the elected officials of the Town of Riverhead and 1st LD are clueless about the will of the people.

On CR 58 the newly installed, at taxpayer's expense, sidewalks are clogged with snow and ice and are treacherous and it seems nothing has been done to clear them. Riverhead Town awash in red ink refuses to enforce the Town code pertaining to property owner's responsibility to clear their sidewalks of ice and snow (east side Sweezey Ave & Pulaski Street).

Pedestrians are forced to walk in traffic and dodge vehicles yet Code Enforcement is lacking. The Tax Receiver knows how to take taxes they just don't for what they are used. I don't get it -- Suffolk County Public Works can plow COUNTY ROAD 58 but County Cops can't patrol it?

What about the Suffolk Highway Patrol which Levy in his ego-fueled fight with the PBA removed them from the LIE and Sunrise Highway so that the Sheriff Department could patrol these thoroughfares. Fiscal expert?

Now the cost of these patrols are funded by East End residents. Riverhead taxpayers fund their own Police Dispatchers yet still fund the Suffolk County Police Dispatchers from whom the Town does not receive services? Media outlets criticize the NYC Sanitation but right here in eastern Suffolk taxpayer money is being squandered and the the public is bamboozled.


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