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January 26, 2011

Oh My Goodness

Dear Rick,

Sadly, there are very few things left in this world that are sacrosanct and I am sure that motherhood is one of those things. Yes, I am quite willing to go out on a limb and say motherhood and respect for one's mother is one of those things.

Shame on you for referring to your mom as "ho" in your article about the speaker of the house being a crybaby. If you want to call him a crybaby go ahead - what's' the big deal? But referring to a woman, any woman, as "ho" is despicable but - oh my goodness - referring to your own mom as such is not funny and did not underscore any point. In fact, it made you seem petty, a small person, willing to abuse the power of the press, to make a point.

Disrespecting your mom and all women publicly was a poor decision on your part. That kind of "humor" if that's what you want to call it - only adds to the erosion of what little moral fiber is left in our society.

A) You owe your mom an apology.

B) You owe women an apology.

C) You need to rethink your editorial obligation - the obligation to serve your readers in an ethical manner.

In conclusion I say - shame, shame on you!


Editor's Note: Rick IS petty and small. He's also a crybaby. But don't worry about his mother, she'll never read the offending column because Rick keeps her locked in the closet.

Arrogance Growing

Dear Rick,

Is it not sad that so many Democrats were opposed to the reading of our Constitution in the House Chamber? It was beneath their dignity to be treated like high school students and an affront to their knowledge of this incredible document. Yet they have displayed an incomprehensible lack of understanding that our Constitution, in words and in intent, implores you and I to maintain a federal government that is limited in its power and scope over our lives. Democrats and Liberals have consistently shown their penchant for a more expansive government role in our lives.

And they only felt it beneath them to listen to the reading of our Constitution because their arrogance has grown so much that their humility is rarely visible. The arrogance of many Republicans is no less displeasing.

If you have not read the Constitution lately, fair reader, may I suggest that you do so? It is a short read, yet so very long on inspiration.


Vision And Leadership

Dear Editor,

The Final Count Down for Project Constellation (the return of man to the Moon and on to Mars):

4-3-2-1 ignition (dud) -- and we have! Change We Can Believe In (unemployment)

The President has terminated Project Constellation (a real stimulus program). Unemployment!

Mr. JFK what has happened to your vision, leadership and inspiration?

Remember Project Apollo ("Within this decade to place a man on the moon")? Grumman (Lunar Module) etc. Employment!

Why has he sent our Space Program (heavy lift capability to support the International Space Station) Offshore (i.e. outsourced) to a foreign country (Russia)?

The previous Administration created Project 'Constellation. The current Administration created Project 'Cancellation'. A Space Program that is a road-map to Nowhere.

Will the Congressional Delegation from New York, Senators K. R. Gillibrand and C. Schumer, Representatives G. Ackerman, M. Arcuri, T. Bishop, Y. Clarke, J. Crowley, E. Engel, J. Hall, B. Higgins, M. Hinchey, S. Israel, P. King, C.J. Lee, N. Lowey, D.B. Maffei, C. Maloney, C. McCarthy, M. McMahon, G. Meeks, M.S. Murphy, J. Nadler, W.L. Owens, C. Rangel, T.W. Reed, J. Serrano, L Slaughter, P. Tonko, E. Towns, N. Velasquez, A. Weiner along with E. Cantor (VA), P. Olson (TX) restore Project Constellation? Employment!


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    Amagansett Music Festival
    January 26, 2011 | 01:53 PM

    To the Editor:

    Your article regarding the festival in Amagansett misquoted me as well as had factual errors. First, the Coachella festival had 75,000 people last year not 225,000. Tickets were sold for the entire three day period and thus each day the event had around 75,000. There were no single day tickets just one ticket for all three days and the total number sold was around 75,000. Adding up these numbers is misleading. The venue is MUCH larger than MTK and thus can accomodate those numbers. Second, your writer completely misrepresented the acts at Coachella as electronica and other sorts of music that i would not pay to see. While there is, in fact, an electronica tent there are also three stages and four tents making electronica a small component of the overall festival. In terms of headliners, the proposed 2011 line up includes acts such as Kings of Leon, the Black Keys, Arcade Fire as well as Cold War Kids, Mumford and Sons, Cage the Elephant, the New Pornographers, Scissor Sisters, the National and Duran Duran. Hardly electronica focused. In 2010, two of the acts that Chris Jones suggested to me he would have at MTK were also at Coachella - Vampire Weekend and Miike Snow. The Coachella Festival and its line up and target audience are, in fact, the same as those proposed by MTK just on a smaller scale. So, if we are going to have an open and honest dialogue here lets get the facts straight. They are readily available online. One thing that your articles did point out accurately was that Coachella had been going on for a decade. Exactly what worries me is that. If Coachella is being run by experienced promoters who have been running it for a decade and even they can have issues with crowd control and substances what will happen in my town of Amagansett when inexperienced promoters and planners are running it? That is my concern! If there is more experience than has so far been disclosed then lets hear about it because without experience it could be dangerous, unorganized and chaotic.

    Thank you.

    Susan Bratton
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    January 26, 2011 | 11:53 PM

    Rick I am writing this for more than one reason. first of all if I ever call my mother that word I would not be saying it ever again cause my mother would wash my mouth out with soap. Maybe someone should wash your mouth out with soap. And second of all someone said something like that about me even though I know it was not true, I got really upset cause they said it to my son when he was younger. Thought you should know that does not feel very good. Take your mother some flowers and tell her you are sorry. Because one day she will not be there for you and it would be to late to take it back.I forgive you for saying that you are just a jerk to say that about your mom!!!!!

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