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January 19, 2011

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Twice Upon a Bagel

Twice Upon a Bagel is staying open year round in Wainscott, offering the very charming baker Bobby Ort's fabulous pastries, bagels, muffins and flagels fresh each morning. (At Indy, we crave their delectable OJ!) Lunchtime boasts anywhere from three to five homemade soups, plus a wide selection of yummy sandwiches. "Nobody can beat our chili," according to owner Steve Vaccaro. And, because Vaccaro is committed to selling only the most fresh product, by lunchtime every day, customers can pick up leftover baked goods with their sandwiches and soup gratis.

c/o The Maidstone

A 5-course Food and Wine Pairing dinner will take place at c/o The Maidstone on Friday at 7:30 PM. For reservations call 631-324-5006.

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