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January 19, 2011

Tuckahoe Home Invasion

Southampton Hospital personnel contacted the police Monday morning after a man suffered from a gunshot wound showed up looking for treatment. Responding police learned a 21-year- old man had been shot at his home on North Magee Street.

Officers deployed to the residence determined that at about 9:30 Monday morning two black males wearing red bandanas over their faces tried to enter the house through the front door. One of the duo was armed with a semi-automatic pistol.

As the assailants attempted to gain entry, the 21-year-old, whose identity is being withheld, tried to keep them out and was shot in the abdomen. A housemate, aged 28, came to investigate the disturbance and was assaulted when he confronted the intruders.

Cops say that once the pair was inside the home, they proceeded to go to several rooms before leaving "in an unknown direction by unknown methods."

The shooting victim drove himself to Southampton Hospital, where he was admitted for treatment. The 28-year-old followed. He was treated and released.

Detectives are investigating what, if anything, was taken form the home. Based on what they have learned so far, cops believe the residence was specifically targeted. They weren't ready to say why.

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