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January 05, 2011

The Endless Campaign

To the Editor,

I am outraged by an allegation ("Millionaires and Billionaires," December 22) that my campaign "challenged over 70 Military absentee ballots" during the recent absentee and affidavit ballot count in the 1st Congressional District race. Let me be blunt—This never happened.

Perhaps the writer was referring to the total of 71 military absentee ballots, which were among the last to be opened and counted because they were not due until November 23 in order to make sure that no members of Armed Forces were disenfranchised. Obviously, an absentee ballot from Kandahar takes a little longer to arrive at the Suffolk County Board of Elections than one sent from Florida, but I did not challenge a single one of those ballots.

Yes, the election was very close, but it's over. The race was ultimately decided after all challenges were dismissed and every legally cast vote was counted. In the weeks that have passed since my opponent conceded and my victory was certified, I have moved on and am now back at work representing all 716,000 residents of the 1st Congressional District. In that time, I have voted to cut taxes for middle-class families, pass the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act in law and repeal the policy of "don't ask, don't tell." I guess some would rather engage in a 365 day a year endless campaign.

It's ironic that the letter writer is using a lie as the basis of a character attack. I think it speaks volumes about someone's character when they resort to lies to diminish or criticize others. I'm happy to engage anyone who wants to question my stands on the issues in civil debate. But I will not stand idly by and allow someone to question my character or accuse me of seeking to further my political career on the backs of our young men and women in uniform.



Dear Rick,

I welcome the reincarnation of your column now bearing the Nom de Plume Rick's Space. It was sorely missed and created a void now once again filled. Although our political leanings could not be more at opposite ends of the spectrum, your unique perspective on topics whether political or mundane were always interesting and fun to read. I thought it was outrageous, pulling Low Tidings to appease some readers who found the Obama/Clinton parody offensive. I am an ardent supporter of both and did not find your burlesque portrayal to be anything more than just that. Somehow I feel that both Hillary and Barack would also accept the portrayal as nothing more than journalistic license. Since when does journalism get directives from its recipients?

Finally, credit where credit is due. That the Indy publishes my letters expressing viewpoints diametrically opposed to its own is a testament to the integrity of the paper, dumping Low Tidings not withstanding.


A New Voice

Dear Friends,

Please consider a year-end tax-deductible gift to WEER - East End Radio 88.7 FM, (a non-profit radio station). As this very exciting, although, very arduous year comes to an end - We Ask For Your Support.

Our mission continues: To serve our community by providing the ability to communicate through radio. To aid other 501c3/non-profits by providing an outlet to get their message out through radio. To give small. . . and large voices the opportunity to be heard.

To promote our community's good works.

As a start-up organization, our capital needs are great, and with your help, surely we can, and will accomplish much. In these economic hard times, we understand that giving is difficult, but whether it's a small donation or a large one, know that the small ones add up. We are a grass roots organization, and we are asking for your continuing support or for you to join our efforts.

We need you now to continue shows like "The Peconic BayKeeper" with Kevin McAllister, "LI Neighborhood Network," "Monk Music Radio" with Cynthia Daniels, "Live Sports Talk" with Pete Mundo and the soon-to-air "Cancer Journeys with Fighting Chance" and "From thy Bounty."

To continue the great work that we have started, we need your support. It's that simple. Thank you for considering a donation to WEER - Hamptons Community Radio. We are a 501c3 corporation, and as such, your gift will be tax-deductible.

Welcome to WEER - HCR's circle of family and friends. We will keep you apprised of our progress and work diligently to earn your continued interest and support.

You can visit our web site and use PayPal for your tax deductible donations at:



Quite A Year

Dear Rick,

Looking back on my first year as Superintendent, I want to thank the Highway Department staff for their hard work and dedication, and the public for their patience. 2010 has been quite a year! As we head in to 2011, I am happy to report the following accomplishments:

The realignment of Red Creek Road in Hampton Bays, the rehabilitation of Channel Pond Culvert Bridge in Southampton, drainage improvements at Clay Pit Road in Remsenburg, the rehabilitation of the Jobs Lane Bridge in Bridgehampton. Also, the replacement of the River Avenue Bridge deck in Eastport, the completion of the first phase of Ponquogue Avenue sidewalks in Hampton Bays, the restoration of inlaid brick sidewalks in downtown Bridgehampton, the repair of the Mill Road sidewalk in Westhampton and the repair of the culvert at Dam Trail in Flanders.

In addition to these projects, we cleaned and inventoried 250 leaching basins throughout the town, resurfaced 26 miles of town roadways, applied for a $600,000 grant from the Federal Highway Administration to resurface Dune Road in Hampton Bays and East Quogue, secured a $500,000 federal grant for the reconstruction of the Bridge Lane Bridge in Sagaponack, and finalized plans for traffic calming at Head of Pond and Scuttlehole Roads in Watermill (we will be using the turning lane option).

But I know that what you really want to hear about is the leaves. So far we have collected approximately 15,000 yards. Last year's total was 45,000 yards. You can do the math. We remain optimistic, however, that all leaves will be picked up before the spring. In the meantime, have a safe and happy holiday.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to serve you,



Fringe Groups

Dear Editors and Powers That Be,

America is waking up and it's about time. For some time our fundamental basic natural values have been systematically undermined, ridiculed and attacked by radical minority fringe groups.

The majority of Americans say, "enough is enough!" We have finally drawn the line and our religious leaders have spoken out and are leading the charge. Now, leaders of some of the largest religious communities in the county have come together to express their "commitment toward the protection of marriage as a union of one man and one woman." These leaders affirmed the importance of preserving marriage's unique meaning and reinforcing the fundamental cell of human society."

Yes, America, enough is enough! Today is the moment to stand up for marriage and for true values and their interchangeable meanings.

We the people have drawn the line. Let the truth set us free!


Expert Management


I am writing to express my appreciation for Supervisor Bill Wilkinson and the town board for an excellent job in 2010. And, I am writing to thank Scott King for the EH Highway department for the expert maintenance or our roads.


Do You Pray?

Dear Rick,

Have you been praying for our country, fair reader, have you been praying? Perhaps, now is the right time to make praying for our country a New Year's Resolution.

Oh, the resistance to this request is palpable. So many do not pray at all, so many say, "I should," but do not, so many are, well, embarrassed by the verb, "praying." Yet, I say that our country . . . our free country is at risk. I know you believe that sentiment as well, so will you not take an action to save our country…will you not pray for our country???? Our nation is in grave danger and so many want to help, but are left with, "I do not know what to do," or "how can I make a difference?"

I am offering you an answer . . ."Pray for our nation, fair reader, pray."


Editor's Note: Rick doesn't pray much, but when he does, he asks God for money.

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    January 05, 2011 | 09:18 AM

    A wise man once said, "God helps those, who help themselves."

    It's going to take alot more than prayer to fix what is broken in our country. Prayer can't fix greed. Prayer can't fix avarice. Prayer can't fix excess. Prayer can't fix our laws. Prayer can't fix self righteous ego. And, prayer cannot fix our social conscience.

    Though the power of positive thought has been known to help create good things, it has not ever done so without the action, and positive reaction of good people when things go bad, or "men" do evil things. Action is required, for people, and society to change.

    Praying for a blizzzard not to come, ever stopped the snow. Praying for warmth, never split one log, let alone a cord of firewood. Praying for rain, never brought a drop, except in fairy tales.

    It was the "Church", and man's lust for power, as well as dominance that set the development of our society back a thousand years in the Dark Ages. Prayer is simply not the only answer.

    Positive action is the only thing that has ever changed our world for the better. You want a better country? It needs to be worked for. That means doing the work of educating yourself about many things, such as our government, it's entwinement with our economy, our major corporations, most of whom are regarded as a "person" such as you, or me. That goes along with the sheer abuse of the Fourteenth Amendment. Too many of them, if they are regarded as a person, are the stunning portrait of a psychopath, "dead peasant" insurance, and all.

    If you want to change a society, it's going to take alot more than prayer. It's going to take a change in social conscience. It's going to take the effort of EVERY SINGLE individual to look at their own lives, and ask themselves: "Is there any way that my behavior helps our society to still make war with my brothers, and sisters, or to keep my neighbor's children starving for a home, a meal, or even an education,?". "How does my ego, and self righteous behavior damage the society I exist in?".

    Until each, and every member of our society takes a collective look inside ourselves, and the results our action. or lack thereof affects all of our neighbors, nothing will change.

    You are obviously a man of God. I remember this passage from my youth about a rich man, and the eye of a needle. I recall a few years ago "Wall Streeter" Senator Phil Gramm stating that Jesus, would want people to be rich, "Wall St. is a 'holy place' " and that Christ would approve of their behavior, wealth, and excess. He's not the only one. Look around you, and your home when you think of St. Luke, "Blessed are the poor, and woe to the rich.". I don't just think, I believe Jesus would "throw the lot of them out", just like the tax collectors in the temple. I thnk that Jesus would look at the East End, and the rest of our country, and feel his example was all for naught.

    What would Jesus say about "Modern Capitalism"?

    Like I said, it's going to take alot more than prayer...

    Mr. Z
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    The "Tea Party"
    January 10, 2011 | 09:53 PM

    "The nose of a mob is its imagination. By this, at any time, it can be quietly led."

    ~Edgar Allan Poe

    Mr. Z
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