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September 01, 2010

Kiss & Tell

The Best of Summer

This is the last week. No excuses. Enjoy.

On Monday nights the locals reclaim Sagg Main Beach in Sagaponack to shake instruments and their booties to the sexy beat of the Escola de Samba Boom drummers. It's a let your hair down, deep breath, get in touch with your primal center sort of moment, which is the spiritual shake down of all negative energy. A big group hug should go out to the musical group that entertains us for free (although you can hire them for parties.) It's about peace and love, and as long as everyone parks legally and skidaddles by 9 PM it's cool. And not to worry – there's no ticket for unconventional bordering on downright odd dancing. It's your groove, dude – honor it.

Start with a color-bursting, cloud-morphing sunset. Add a cold, reduced-price beer on the hot spot deck at Surf Lodge, and pour in a large dose of Nancy Atlas and her bodacious band and you have the magical summer Wednesday night concoction. She's got some of the hottest dancing groupies and a new CD out so it's worth the trek. It's also a bit less crowded at Surf Lodge on Wednesday so you gals don't have to worry about a ladies' room line – although guys, you've never seen so many pretty girls needing to pee lined up in your life.

Thursday night is live jazz at Wolffer Estate Vineyards, truly one of the most inspiring settings with its Italianate villa, wrap-around stone porches, and forever views of the fecund vines. Makes you just want to run through them singing Wagner (but don't). Winemaker Roman Roth is predicting 2010 as a stellar year with all this hot and dry weather with the vines stressing to bring up nutrients and sugar to the fruit. Go grapes – yeah, go grapes! It's a truly civilized and romantic moment. On Friday the Wolffer Farm stand on Route 27 also hosts a sunset gathering if you miss Thursday.

Speaking of farm stands – for those of us old enough to remember to the beginning of Pike's Farm Stand on Sagg Road, we appreciate that their weather worn driftwood gray stand with the hand painted lettering remains a permanent fixture of the landscape. Want the best meal in town? Bring sea salt and a napkin and eat one of their ripe tomatoes. You will suddenly be enlightened as to why a tomato is actually a fruit. This seasonal delight is only around for a while so if you are like me and haven't yet made a Ladies Village Improvement Society East End Tomato Tart (in their cookbook) or a blueberry pie, or my mom's famous zucchini casserole – don't wait. Do it today. You have the whole winter to do laundry – just go out and buy new underwear.

Get on the water. We have an ocean, a sound, bays, creeks, inlets, pools, and some extraordinarily large bathtubs in the Hamptons. Find a body of water you can embrace and get in it. Folks in Kansas would turn green with envy to have so many water recreation possibilities. Get a kayak, paddle board, luxury yacht, or inner tube. I just did the full moon kayak/paddle with Main Beach Sport and Kama Deva Yoga on Sagg Pond and truly everyone reported having "the best moment" of their summer. By the time you silently glide along the pond to the beach, do a few setting sun salutations and sit quietly to meditate to the sound of the surf, then roast a s'mores over an open fire, I dare anyone to still be a jerk.

Despite the famous surf film poster, summer is not endless. Get out and enjoy it now. I guarantee these moments, not the ones spent at the computer, will be the ones you will remember.

You can find more of my writing at HipHamptons.com or drop me a note at kissandtellhb@hotmail.com.

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