August 12, 2009

Tales From The Full Moon Kayak

Before there was the iPhone, there was the moon. Pagans looked to the evening sky to determine when to plant or harvest or procreate. Now we look down to the blinking screen which tells us it's time for a meeting, turn left at the next intersection, or "RUHRNY?."

There comes a point in time when we need to turn off our iBrain and go back to i-instincts, and there's no better way to do that than a full moon kayak trip. Main Beach Surf and Sport teamed up with KamaDeva Yoga to set up an incredible evening. Everyone who joins on these trips says that it is inevitably one of the best nights of the summer. You launch on the side of Georgica Pond, and if you're smart you get a double kayak with a hunky guy behind you doing all the work while you pop the petite bottle of Veuve Clicquot which nicely matches the color of your kayak.

The Type A personalities all rush to the forefront and in a Water World/Ben-Hur race to get to the other side. Most of the rest of us take a leisurely paddle to explore the small covers, large houses, and groups of swans. There used to be a very nasty swan named Fred who used to attack people. The worst thing you could do was to scream when he started to dive bomb you, and I saw two women do just that ­­_ not pretty. When I asked about a guide whatever happened to Fred he said he had been "relocated."

Once you have your mini not too strenuous work out to reach the other side of the pond, the crew has arrived before hand to set up tiki torches and refreshments. There are also paddle boards there to try out which are cool because they make you look like Jesus walking on water, but of course a Jesus who has balance or else it is soggy Jesus.

I was amazed when Jessica who owns KamaDeva was not only able to do downward dog on the paddle board but even kick up briefly into a head stand. Intimidated, the rest of us sat on the beach and downed chips.

As the sun started to set the light show which is famous in the Hamptons began, with numerous attempts to capture it on digital cameras, the multicolored kayaks lined up on the beach with the pond on one side and the ocean on the other. A properly permitted bonfire was lit, and a s'more fest began. The moon, like a true PR promised celebrity was a no show, but we could still feel its presence.

My favorite touch was in the midst of the cacophony of seaside socializing, Jessica brought us back to our instinctual selves with a few yoga stretches and a five minute meditation. Which feels like an eternity. As my fellow kayakers sat quietly with eyes closed and peaceful expressions I looked at the fire as my mind wandered. "Wow, Jessica looks so pretty. Only a fit yoga instructor can wear horizontal stripes and still look skinny. And that's after two kids. Her husband is lucky. All men should marry yoga instructors. Maybe I should marry a yoga instructor. I have to pee….." Soon enough it was over but it was great to take that moment to stop and realize how amazing life can be out here.

For the paddle back in the dark we were given glow sticks. Mine of course was a perfect bright pink. I put it in my pony tail to light the way for my guy who was doing all the hard paddle work behind me. He said I looked like a tricked out Pocahontas. Georgica Pond seems much bigger at night and while peaceful, more mysterious. Just as I was about to complain about the blister starting on my hand, my soggy Jesus butt, and a sneaking suspicion we were lost, a light started to illuminate the way. Ah, la luna. Owwwooooooooooooo.

Be sure to check out my new website with all sorts of Hamptons adventures, HipHamptons.com and you can drop me a note at kissandtellhb@hotmail.com.

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