December 03, 2008

Robber BOLO

Police are looking for robbers who targeted victims in a parked car on Wood Road Trail in Flanders on Sunday night. Just before 9 p.m. two black males, one of whom was armed with a semi-automatic handgun, forced their way into a car and demanded money from the driver and a passenger. The driver escaped and one of the perps took over the car and drove it to a dead end before fleeing on foot. The robbers got away with the victim's wallet.

Lush In The Afternoon

Jeez, Louise, tosspots got an early start last Friday in East Hampton. Cops arrested two marinated motorist before the sun went down. Just before three that afternoon police responded to a car v bicyclist accident on Montauk Highway near Cemetery Road. A car allegedly struck a 74-year-old bicyclist, then left the scene. Police found the driver, a Melville man down the road apiece.

The second inebriated arrestee was also apprehended because of an accident, this one near Indian Wells Highway in Amagansett a little before 4 p.m. According to the accident report, the driver, who hails from Huntington, swerved out of his lane into oncoming traffic, crashing into a car driven by a Massachusetts man and sending five people to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

A third DWI collar was logged on Thanksgiving evening. The driver, an East Hampton man, was pulled over for traffic transgressions in Wainscot.

On Saturday Southampton cops charged a Bridgehampton woman with DWI after they stopped her for swerving on Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton. She had three children in the car aged 7,6, and 2, and was therefore additionally booked for three counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

In Southold Town a Riverhead rummy was charged with drunk driving on Saturday night after he was stopped for a defective headlight on Route 48. STPD charged a second motorist with pot possession after a traffic stop on SR 25 in Southold on Friday night.

East Hampton Village Police nabbed an East Hampton woman on November 25. They say when she was directed to perform roadside sobriety tests she was "unable to maintain her balance and had to be sat down." (Beats being sat on.) Police were clued in to her when they arrived at the scene of an accident at the intersection of Main Street and Newtown Lane at around 7 p.m. According to the arrest report, the woman ran a red light and hit a parked car, pushing it onto the sidewalk.

More Drinking

A Southold woman was charged under Suffolk County's new social host law, designed to prevent underage drinking at house parties. On routine patrol in the area of Jasmine Lane and Apple Court in Southold last Friday night, police found a large group of youths, some of whom were in possession of booze, hanging out in the street. They said they were coming from a nearby house party. Responding to the residence, police found a large outdoor party comprised of between 100 and 150 kids. Police also discovered "large amounts of alcohol" available to the teens. The homeowner/parents were present at the time of the party. One of them was cited under the social host law.

In other news of quality of life type violations, Southampton Police towed over a dozen cars from the vicinity of an East Montauk Highway, Hampton Bays nightclub early Thanksgiving morning. Many more were given tickets for illegal parking. Concurrently, cops cuffed a Copiague teen who was highly intoxicated and "causing a public inconvenience" at the nightclub. He was charged with disorderly conduct, then resisting arrest after he gave the coppers a hard time. He was so drunk; police felt the need to take him to the hospital for a pre-booking checkup.

A disturbance at a Montauk restaurant led a local man to the lock-up just after 3 Sunday morning. Police found the guy standing outside the eatery highly intoxicated and "in an agitated state." An interview with the fellow turned ugly when he got physical with a soon-to-be-arresting officer. Two officers, plus the suspect fell in a tangle onto the ground. He was eventually subdued. A search revealed he was in possession of pot, and the trouble didn't end there. Cops say he tried to bribe them while he was being processed at HQ. His ID was hinky, too. All in all, the man was charged with forging an official document, third degree bribery, resisting arrest, unlawful possession of marijuana, and second-degree harassment.

Also unruly was a Manhattan man who was charged with criminal mischief on Friday. Police say a domestic dispute at a home in the Northwest section of East Hampton ratcheted up to violence when the man punched his girlfriend's car windshield, shattering it.

Who You?

A Westhampton woman was charged Saturday with criminal impersonation. Cops say she was clad in a blue uniform and threatening shoppers in the Bridgehampton Commons with parking tickets if they didn't move their cars.

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