April 23, 2008

John M. Marshall Elementary School

This month, students have been learning a great deal about recycling, keeping the earth clean, saving trees and taking care of our environment in honor of Earth Day. Last Friday, students at JMMES celebrated the earth at the All School Meeting. Students did recycling cheers, demonstrated recycling, and fourth grade students performed a skit to the song "The 3 Rs" by Jack Johnson. Students then went outside to either clean up or plant flowers around the school.

After listening to and discussing folktales with Mrs. Brennan, the students in Miss Cafiso's fourth grade used strategies to create their own folktales. Some of the titled pieces were "Why Raccoons are Sneaky," "Why Wasps Sting" and "Why a Lion Has a Big Mane."

Mr. Tulp's class has been learning how to use a protractor in math, Mrs. Cafiso's class are creating invitations to the Boston Tea Party, Mrs. DiGate's class is learning about Paul Revere and his poem "Midnight Ride," and Mrs. McKee's class recently finished writing cause and effect essays about pollution.

The Scholastic Book Fair is in town! The book fair will be open to students on April from today through next Tuesday and will stay open late today, from 3:15 to 5:15 p.m. for family and friends to attend.

Southampton School District

Southampton School District's 2nd Annual Health and Wellness Expo will be held on Friday, May 2 from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the High School gym. Everything is free. There will be a rock climbing wall, bounce house, food from local restaurants and delis, laughing yoga, fitness evaluations, blood screenings, message therapy, drug and alcohol awareness, a performance by the Step Team, music and much more.

Southampton Intermediate School

Congratulations to Southampton Intermediate School students Dominic Arresta and Korey Furler for their participation in the 2008 Knowledge Master Open on April 16. The two scored 1162 points, by answering 157 answers out of 200 questions correct.

The fifth-grade Academic Enrichment students at Southampton Intermediate School are sponsoring a tee-shirt drive to benefit UNICEF. Students Keara Wood and Emily Quatrocche helped design the tee-shirt, which includes the saying "Spread the Peace" underneath a slice of bread spread with peanut butter. Tee-shirts can be purchased for $12 by contacting Nancy Giglio at ngiglio@southamptonschools.org or calling 591-4744. All orders must be received by May 2.

The Southampton Intermediate School Mock Trial Club members would like to thank Judge Barbara Wilson, and attorney's Colin Patrick Astarita, Daniel Russo and Adrienne Wallace for volunteering their time to help the student prepare for their upcoming competition.

As part of the fifth grade science investigation of water ecosystems at the Intermediate School, the classes are studying the local marine environment in an outdoor field study – learning lab with science teacher Amy Lester, along with their fifth grade teachers, during the week of April 16. The Group for the South Fork's environmental educators will share their expert knowledge as they guide students in the organized exploration.

The field study allows students to experience hands-on the marine biodiversity of our local shores. As they explore life in both the Shinnecock Bay estuary and ocean beach dune ecosystem, students will use maps, thermometers, charts, graphs and identification books in order to make measurements and record observations about the diverse aquatic life in the area.

This investigation provides students with the opportunity to apply their existing knowledge and skills, learn new skills and information, and finally, synthesize the information they gather to make conclusions.

Southampton Elementary School

Southampton Elementary School held a book celebration and performance of The People of Clarendon County – A Play by Ossie Davis on April 17 by the SES Performance Arts Club. The play, which was written by Ossie Davis, honors South Carolina parents who risked their lives for their children's education. Their courageous legal challenge to segregation led to the Supreme Court's landmark decision, Brown v. Board of Education.

Wainscott School

The kindergarten and first grade students have been studying about seeds and flowers in science. They planted wild flowers and labeled and colored in flower diagrams. All the grades are working on seed and plant projects as part of their science classes. Planting and seeding around the new school started this week and the students will be putting in special plants and their own garden as part of the landscaping plan.

The students in all grades have been receiving computer instruction from Mr. Tom Waller, the schools technology person. The second and third grades have been working on the school's new laptops and notebooks. The second and third grade students presented their writing projects and book reports last Friday to their classmates. The students had a yoga instruction session with Ms. Jesse van Bergen last Friday.

Stella Maris

Congratulations to the following students who were inducted into the Junior National Honor Society: Eighth graders Elizabeth Field, Lyndsey Hayes, Addie Herrlin and Sarah Hurley, and seventh grader Joana Coehlo. The students were selected based on their high academic achievement in addition to their model of leadership, community service and citizenship.

The kindergarten class, taught by Mrs. Elizabeth Kirwan and Ms. Meredith McArdle, had their first opportunity to share their "How to" writing pieces during an author share on April 11 only.

The students in Mrs. Elaine Dellapolla's first grade class have been studying onomatopoeia and proper nouns. They have been reading Amelia Bedelia books to learn about idiomatic expressions and words with double meanings. In Social Studies, the first graders have been learning where we are both in the world and in the United States. They have started making their own globes.

Mrs. Christine Ward's second grade class has been preparing for receiving the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.

Mrs. Simmon's third grade students participated in the annual CMEE's Classroom Connection. They exchanged profiles with other third grade students from different schools and created kites to reflect their partner's likes and dislikes, and hopes for the world. The class has also been studying Sag Harbor's local history by taking a walking tour of the town including such historic sites as the Old Whaler's Church and Old Burying Ground, the Whaling Museum and Mashashimuet Park.

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