February 13, 2008

School News

Tuckahoe School

Correction in January 31 school news: Tuckahoe student Evan Scheuch was inadvertently omitted from the list of students who recently participated in the Hamptons' Music Festival. Evan played baritone horn in the Festival Band.

Tuckahoe is proud to announce the following students participating in sports teams at Southampton this semester: Junior High Boys Volleyball Jorge Rojas and Donovan Trent; 8th Grade Girls Basketball Lorraine German; 7th Grade Girls Basketball Jazmin Stith, Alia Buoniello and Hannah Pell; Wrestling Evan Gravano, Evan Scheuch and Ben Zeqiri.

Kindergarten registration for residents of the Tuckahoe Common School District will be held on February 28. To be eligible, a child must have reached the age of five by December 1, 2008. Parents are required to bring birth certificates for their children along with immunization records, copy of latest physical and two proofs of residency. Please call the school at 283-3550, extension 301 or 302 for an appointment for your registration.

Note: It is extremely important that parents with children who are eligible for Pre-K and kindergarten make every effort to register them on this date. If you know of a neighbor or friend who lives in Tuckahoe and has a child eligible for these programs, please make them aware of this date. Pre-Kindergarten registration for residents of the Tuckahoe School District will also be held on February 28.

To be eligible, a child must have reached the age of four by December 1, 2008. Parents are required to bring birth certificates for their children along with immunization records, copy of latest physical and two proofs of residency. A blood lead level is also required for all pre-K students as per New York State guidelines. This is a routine blood test that may have already been done. Please check with your child's pediatrician.

Springs School

Local resident Ms. Norma Edwards has donated a sundial to the courtyard club. Sue Ellen O'Connor is looking for a large tree stump to mount it on. The students will be reading time by the sun soon once they learn how to orient and use the ancient timepiece.

Three films were submitted to the Guild Hall film Festival. The students entered last year's Dare project of Facing Down Bullies with painted hands and chins as characters, The Making of the Opera, with the final edit by Freddy Dayton and McKenzie Frazier and Twins edited by Burke Gonzalez with assistance from twins Claudia and Rachel LaFountain. The students are up against students from much older grades. The prizes will be announced March 1.

In fifth grade science, Science teacher Owen McCormack is working with the classes on a project studying the Grand Canyon. Students in Tracey Frazier's, Irene Tully's and Christine Cleary's classes are making blocks out of clay and sand. They are going to pour water on the dry clay. They will be observing the amount of water it takes to make a canyon.

The D.A.R.E. (Define Assess Respond Evaluate) program teaches students to make good choices between drug use and staying healthy. This year fifth graders are graduating from the D.A.R.E. program, run by Town of East Hampton Police Officer Kim Notel, so this is a big year for the fifth graders. The students acquire knowledge about healthy choices and their lives during the course of the five years that they are involved with the program.

Third grade Young Inventors will begin soon. Students will meet with Sue Ellen O' Conner each week. The students will work to solve unusual problems, large and small. The club encourages children to think outside the box by activities such as creating inventions in 10 minutes. When 10 minutes is up they have to share the invention that they made. One time they tried to make a paper airplane that would fly all the way across the room. Another example is when they solved the problem of crowing roosters.

In Tracey's Frazier class the students are holding 'Book clubs.' Mrs. Frazier is using a webpage "WIKIS" to send messages about the readings to the students. The students can write a comment about what they liked about the message that Mrs. Frazier's sends them. Students are required to write a favorite quote or detail from their reading. Student Melissa Perez thinks that WIKIS is a really good idea.

Ray Wojtusiak, 6th grade teacher, has recently started a new class every Tuesday called "Super Tuesday." The class looks at the latest polls and news on the presidential election. So far the class has learned that Hillary Clinton is in the lead for the Democratic Party and John McCain is in the lead for the Republican Party.

The school had a small fire in it last week. It started in the nurses' office and all staff and students were evacuated. A water cooler plugged into an electrical outlet was the culprit. After some time, school resumed, and after a two day professional clean-up, the nurses office returned to its location, and resumed business.

Students in the Kristy LaMonda's Special Education class are headed to the Special Olympics. Students in Jessica Vickers third grade have made collection bottles to be placed around the school to help raise funds for this activity. At the end of each week the students count how much change each class donated. The top three classes get announced at Spirit Meet at the beginning of the week. The winning class gets a big pizza party. The winning class this week was Ms. Vickers's class themselves. They raised $184.54.

Students Burke Gonzalez and Alana Ellis replied to the 4th graders from Amagansett School, who had written about their viewing of the opera. They read a sample of the letters and answered the audiences' questions about the production and program. Students have also been writing poetry for the upcoming "High Tide," the school's annual poetry magazine. Students in Irene Tully's class have been viewing their amaryllis and writing madly. Each Wednesday, Sue Ellen O'Conner is reading a poem at Spirit Meet. Each week Mrs. O'Connor highlights points of good writing. This week's idea was "knowing your subject."

Sag Harbor Elementary School

The Kindergartners in Nina Landi's and Tara Diamond's class ushered in the Chinese New Year with the annual performance of the Dragon Dance. The children created a traditional dragon costume and danced to welcome the spring rain and prosperous times. They sang "Gung Hay Fat Choy" (the Chinese New Year Song) which explains the customs and traditions in celebration of this, the Year of the Rat.

The children have been singing love songs, such as Magic Penny, Love Grows, and Put a Little Love in Your Heart at Morning Program in preparation for Valentine's Day.

The Sag Harbor Parenting Center is once again sponsoring the basketball game between the Harlem Wizards and Faculty of the Sag Harbor UFSD. The game takes place on Sunday, March 2 at 1 p.m. in the Pierson Gym. Doors open at 12:30 p.m. This is always an afternoon of fun for our community and is a successful fundraiser for the Sag Harbor Parenting Center. Everyone loves seeing the faculty and staff members out on the court laughing it up and showing off their hoops skills (or lack thereof). Tickets purchased in advance are $10 for children and students and $15 for adults. If purchased at the door they are $13 and $18, respectively. Come join us for the Tricks, Hoops and Alley Oops!

The fun and challenge of Family Math Night continues at Sag Harbor Elementary School. Assistant Principal Matt Malone posts math and logic problems and brain teasers in the hall and students are having fun trying to solve them.

Several cast members from Pierson's Middle School production of Bye Bye Birdie came over to the Elementary School to perform a few numbers from the musical at Morning Program. The audience loved their performance.

For over 50 years The Parrish Art Museum has showcased the creative artwork of students in the Southampton community and East End neighborhoods in their School Art Festival. This year the Festival runs through March 9. Family, friends and community members are welcome and encouraged to support the creative endeavors of the children and their teachers by visiting the exhibition. Elementary School Art Teachers Laurie DeVito and Meg Mandell and the students have assembled a wonderful show using a variety of media and techniques and incorporating portions of the curriculum.

Guidance Counselor Michelle Grant has arranged for a variety of workshops, assemblies and shows for our students, starting this week. The students will watch Yello Dyno Child Protection Safety Shows, which are tailored to their grade level. Important lessons about safety are presented in a fun, musical and most importantly, memorable way.

There will be no Morning Program on Friday, because we will be celebrating our annual 'Caribbean Day' right before the winter break. The school family will assemble that afternoon listening to music from The Merrymakers' steel drum band.

Our annual Science Fair takes place on February 28 at 7 p.m. Fourth and fifth graders, under the guidance of Science teacher Kryn Olson, teaching assistant Susan Holder and their classroom teachers, will demonstrate a scientific principle and their research that went into proving or disproving it.

The PTA's annual Multicultural Feast is scheduled for Friday, March 7.

School will be closed for winter break from February 18 through the 22nd.

Ross School

Pre-Nursery: Pre-Nursery classes have been studying winter weather, winter birds and bears. The students are freezing birdseed inside ice sun catchers and hanging them in the tree outside the classroom door every day. The children enjoy watching Cardinals, Wrens, Blue Jays, Juncos and Chickadees feed. They also painted a picture of a large black bear and a Polar bear. The class enjoyed re-enacting the story of The Three Bears and will have a Teddy bear party with their favorite Teddies to celebrate the culmination of their project.

First Grade: Tools . . . tools . . . tools! First graders continue their study of tools used by our community. This week two chefs from the Ross upper campus, Lisa Smith and Ric Keeley, showed the first graders many of the tools they use to prepare food especially pizza dough! Then the children had a chance to play with pizza dough and come up with a list of words to describe the warm, gushy, soft, pillowy, oozy substance.

The first graders also took a trip to the Bridgehampton Library where Charlotte's mom and Kate's grandma work. They learned about all the tools used by a librarian to circulate books in and out of the library and to keep all those books organized on the shelves. In Science, they are experimenting with simple machines and choosing the right tool to complete certain tasks.

Fourth Grade: The fourth graders are studying current events and have worked their way through international, national and regional news. They are even tackling business news during Math class and learning to play the stock market. Dr. Martin Luther King Day kicked off the integrated Peacemaker Project. The students are studying biography and expository writing in literacy and learning about peacemakers in History. Each child is writing a research paper on a chosen peacemaker, complete with accurate bibliographies. They are also writing Imagine poems and preparing for presentations on Valentine's Day.

Sailor Brinkley Cook and her mom presented a DVD they made of their trip to the Peace Summit in Rome this past month. Students received gifts of small boxwood shrubs that they will plant in the form of a peace sign to commemorate this fascinating unit of study.

Fifth Grade: On February 5, Ross School celebrated Fat Tuesday, the start of Mardi Gras. The cafe staff prepared a Mardi Gras meal for lunch and the students learned about the significance of Fat Tuesday.

Ross fifth graders are also finishing a unit study on ancient Sumer. This week they completed and shared their original ancient Sumer Tourist Brochures and watched the video of a ballet performance about the ancient Sumerian myth, Inanna.

In the coming weeks, students will be reading a series of novels by Deborah Ellis, based on contemporary issues in Afghanistan. They will create brochures, using laptop technology, which will focus on local (East End) geography. The fifth graders plan to send the pamphlets to children at the Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC) in Kabul, Afghanistan to help the Afghan children in their English and geography classes.

Last year, Ross fifth graders began a relationship with children at the MMCC, which included a performance of the "Goodfriend Circus" at the Lower School campus and a fundraiser to support the program in Kabul.

Sixth Grade: The plays Iphigenia in Aulis, Antigone, and Prometheus Bound were performed last Wednesday, before an audience of parents, students and teachers at Ross School. Each sixth grade section presented a different play for their "Festival of Greek Drama." These were part of the culminating activities for the sixth grade unit on Ancient Greece.

The plays are an integration of the Performing Arts, English and Cultural History departments at Ross. The students are also presenting their own version of the Olympics, which includes a Jeopardy Game on Cultural History; a Mathematics Olympiad; and a variety of races and physical activities.

Seventh Grade: The seventh grade performed the play Julius Caesar yesterday. Gerard Doyle, the Theater Director at Ross School for the last 7years, directed the plays. The production is a joint effort between the Performing Arts, English and Cultural History departments.

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