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December 12, 2007

School News

Sag Harbor Elementary School News

As a culminating activity of their study of New York State Native Americans, the fourth graders in Ginny Kushner's class wrote and performed a Native American Rap at Morning Program. The students wore tunics adorned with beads, geometric designs and fringe, which they had fashioned from t-shirts and took turns singing about some aspect of Native American culture—food, clothing, games, and the natural way of life. While they performed, there was a PowerPoint presentation that coordinated with the rap.

The Giving Mitten Line is in full swing. A steady stream of gifts of clothing and toys has been brought into the school for local families in need. There are just a few mittens still hanging on the clothesline on the bulletin board near the gymnasium. All gifts that have been purchased should be brought back to the school unwrapped with the mitten taped to it by Friday, December 14th. Children should not take mittens without a parent with them or written permission.

At Morning Program, third grade teacher Erinn Rowland, who runs the Stock Market/Finance Club after school, announced the re-opening of the school store. Students who are members of the club produced and performed a 'commercial' for the store, which will be open for business during lunchtime in the lobby of the school. Post-it Notes have been added to the line of school supplies (all imprinted with 'Sag Harbor Elementary School') that are available for purchase.

School Nurse Margaret Pulkingham, along with puppet, 'Henry the Hand,' announced National Hand Washing Awareness Week (December 2 – 8) and discussed the principles of proper hand washing; how to cough and sneeze; the importance of keeping hands out of eyes, mouth and nose; and the need to wash hands whenever they're dirty and before eating.

The annual Winter Concert was an enormous success. Families and friends enjoyed hearing the holiday and winter songs that were played and sung by our Band, Orchestra, Guitar Club, Large Chorus and After-school Chorus.

The students in grades K through 3 are busily preparing for their Morning Program performances of holiday songs as part of their Performing Arts curriculum. Second graders will perform on Friday, December 14th, Kindergartners on Monday the 17th, third graders on Tuesday the18th, and first graders on Wednesday the 19th. There will be an all-school holiday sing on Friday, December 21st.

Pierson's National Honor Society, in conjunction with the Lions Club, has placed a box in the elementary school lobby to collect old eyeglasses for use by people who cannot afford new ones. Eyeglasses will be collected for the next week.

Friday, December 14th is the PTA's Holiday Workshop at 7:00 p.m. in the elementary gymnasium. Families will be working on their gingerbread houses together in this annual fun event.

School will be closed for Winter Recess from Monday, December 24th through Tuesday; January 1st. School will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd.

Springs School

This year's opera has been a huge success. There were a total of five performances. While the performers rehearsed, they focused on diction and tone. Director Eileen Goldman worked individually with the actors to perfect their performance. For the first time ever students made their own tee- shirts to wear. The tee- shirts are inscribed with the logo "iPlay" as a take off to the popular music portable "iPod." Every participant of the opera company will receive one of these limited edition shirts. They will also receive another unique item. They will get a robot head handmade from the costume designers. These heads are painted gray with a robotic mouth on the front and two eyes.

Students in the three fifth grade classes were visited by Steve from the Group for the East End to teach the classes about Long Island's formation. Students in Tracy Frazier's class wanted to know how the Native American's knew about Long Island's shape. Steven said that when they went in canoes the Native Americans had to go in and out along the shore. Irene Tully's class was awed by the edible lesson of the glacial formations of Long Island, as Steve mentioned that the students might like the demonstration. He taught the eager students how a huge glacier 200 feet deep, pushed a great mass during the ice age. This enormous piece of ice melted as soon as this ice age ended, leaving Long Island. This big chunk of land was made 11000 years ago yet it still stands strong. "I like geology because its fun to learn and, it's just great whatever it is." Exact words from a former 5 grader Andrew Silipo. By using Oreos, sugar cookies, ice cream and other candies, he recreated the formation of the island. Steve started to explain again how the glacier moved a foot a day pushing minerals, dirt, trees, whatever was in its way. Steve then put gloves on and slowly pushed down the quart of ice cream. You could clearly see the Oreos, cookies, animal crackers, and chocolate chips expanding to all corners of the serving dish. In order to get a cup full of this treat students had to answer a question about what they had learned.

Two of the nine little banty chicks in science teacher Robert Walker's room hatched. Sadly one of the little chicks didn't make it. Who knows when the other eggs will hatch or if they will even hatch? If the others don't hatch Mr. Walker might get more eggs or just give up and stay with the one he has. The students hope that the chicks hatch soon so the one chick is not lonely or while everyone is away on the winter vacation. Then the chicks wouldn't be getting food and water. The students and teacher Robert Walker will be happy when the other chicks hatch.

'Tis the season…for SHOPPING! The PTA Holiday Bazaar was held last week. Over the weekend the PTA and staff members transformed the Commons Room area into a full-fledged bazaar. There were lots of goodies for all to purchase and parent volunteers who were willing to help out. The volunteers wrapped the presents so children won't have to wrap them at their home. The smallest students that couldn't shop on their own were helped by their teachers and the volunteers.

The Natural Helpers and the Friends of Rachel Committee joined East Hampton Middle School in a program called "Challenge Day". The focus of the day is to build a better community, help stop the teasing, violence and alienation that is part of the school experience for millions of youth today. The all day event was attended by 25 students from the 6th thru 8th grade, along with staff members Maritza Santos, Stacy Schmidt, Kristin Guarino, Leah Boyce, John Foster, Katie Farmer and Katey Mees (Guidance Intern) and East Hampton Town Police Officer Kim Notel.


Tuckahoe's Holiday Play that our 2nd and 3rd grade students perform in is being held this year on Thursday, December 13, 2007 in the school's cafetorium. Our Annual PTO Gingerbread House Family Fun Night will be held this year on Friday, December 14, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. Hanukkah began on Wednesday, December 5th. Mrs. Jeannie Malone and Ms. Jennifer Finocchiaro's 4th grade students celebrated by making latkes, read and discussed how the first Hanukkah came about. On Friday, December 7th, the Tuckahoe students in grades 5 through 8 displayed their final science projects in the Tuckahoe Science Fair. The projects represented over three months of planning and testing as students sought to investigate and solve problems that they had identified. The student's projects and the presentations they gave to their audience of admirers illustrated the hard work and dedication they put into these long-term scientific investigations. A wonderful job was done by all this year's participants. The students who created the 10 most scientific projects (selected from the 22 blue and red ribbon projects) will be traveling to the Long Island Science Congress Science Fair in April. This is a competition where the best projects from all of Long Island's schools will be judged. We wish the best of success to our Tuckahoe representatives. Thank you to all the participating students for your hard work, and thanks to the parents for supporting our students during their scientific investigations.

Wainscott School News

The children enjoyed the story of the Bremen Town Musician at the East Hampton Library on December 4. Mrs. J. Reutershan read this classic story to the children. The children also got to select and take out books. Mrs. Yvonne Loinig, Wainscott school nurse, presented a lesson about germs and proper hand washing to the children that same day. She instructed the children on how to keep themselves healthy and clean. The Wainscott School Site Base committee met last Wednesday, to discuss current issues and thoroughly enjoyed the Arts-in-Ed production of Henry and Mudge at the East Hampton High School last Friday. The author of the Henry and Mudge books, Cynthia Rylant is one of the children's favorite authors. The children have been preparing, along with their music teacher Mrs. Margaret Bodkin, for their Holiday Concert. They will be singing a variety of holiday songs. The concert will be presented on December 20 at the Wainscott Chapel. The public is invited to attend.


The Child Development Center of the Hamptons School News

December 3rd - 7th, 2007

"K" is the letter of the week. The Lion Class read Three Little Kittens by Marilyn Janovitz. They colored, and cut three little kittens and then matched their mittens. The Giraffe Class learned to write the letter "K" and compiled a list of "K" words. They learned that Kings wear crowns and all made their very own special crown!

This week the Toddlers learned some new holiday songs and decorated their class for the holiday season! The Monkey Room has also been busy discussing the holidays celebrated during the month of December.

Hanukkah celebrations are in full swing. The Lions got creative with their counting project by making banana menorahs with nine candles made of pretzel sticks and mini-marshmallows. Joining in the festival of lights festivities were the Giraffes. They too, made a menorah and learned to play the dreidel game. GIMEL!

Ongoing is our Literacy Program. Our Scholastic book Fair was a great success. The Giraffe Class took its first trip to the school library where Martha Ball got everyone excited about books. The Tigers read The Mitten by Jan Brett and then laced mittens for animals to snuggle in. The Monkey Room read The Napping House by Don & Audry Wood, and then made their own napping house where everyone slept inside. The children had such a great time! The Monkey Room, lead by Danielle Christiansen, braved the frigid temperatures and went on a nature walk to observe the changes in the world around them as the winter season approaches.

This past Tuesday, December 11th, The Preschool attended their Annual Holiday Party at Gurney's Inn, hosted by Lola Monte and our wonderful friends at Gurney's Inn Resort & Spa in Montauk. Local dancers performed for the young guests and Santa made an appearance spreading good cheer and toys to all! Thank you Gurney's for a wonderful day and a tradition that we look forward to every year. You did a wonderful job!

Everyone at CDCH wishes a Happy Birthday to Bradley Batten and Nicole Rios!


The CDCH school community came out in full force supporting the East Hampton Holiday Parade. Students, staff and parents created a float themed "Holiday Celebrations Around the World". The float was filled with students and adults carrying holiday cards sending messages in languages spoken around the globe. The enthusiastic support and cooperation represents the positive school culture at CDCH.

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